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  1. Presumably it's the Lib Dems she's working for. Being a criminal or a sex pest is practically a pre-requisite for party membership these days so she is well placed I'd imagine.
  2. It's already got 786 comments posted before even going on air.
  3. I am liking this housing minister blokey.
  4. Depreciating at a rate of minus £67 per day, apparently.
  5. WHAAAAAT??? I've just had a new kitchen put in and I'm not planning on changing it again for at least 10 years. Come to think of it, out of all my family and friends I can't think of anyone who's had their kitchen re-done within the last 5 years. My parents have just refurbed one of their 2 bathrooms, but then again it's the first time they've done that particular bathroom in a home they've owned for 25 years! Aha, this sounds like a more reasonable timescale for kitchens, bathrooms and everything else. So if we go with the 1% figure that means it's going to cost me about £2k a year (on average) on my home. Wow, it sounds like a lot when you say it like that.
  6. PMSL. I was well confused when I heard them talking about it on the news.
  7. I'm just very grateful I was born in the UK and not Somalia.
  8. Yes. Did just that in late 2009. Just about to have my 2nd baby and couldn't be more content.
  9. So perhaps the whole debacle was a clever publicity stunt designed to draw attention to an issue he wants to see addressed.
  10. Their hygiene regulations don't make sense. I can understand a doctor not wearing a tie because it's going to dangle in one person's bodily fluids and then contaminate the next patient (yum). But I hardly think the same goes for a camera crew who are only observing from the sidelines. I'm from a catering background, kitchen staff have to get changed into their uniforms at work to ensure they don't contaminate the kitchen with all sorts of stuff from outside, pet hair being one example. So why do I always see nurses and other medical staff walking around in the outside world in their uniforms, surely the same goes?? I agree that the doc was a rude git. I bet his staff hate working for him.
  11. Raising 1 child is bloody hard work, let alone 10. As long as you raise them & pay for their upbringing yourself, of course, and don't expect other tax-payers to subsidise your family's food and shelter AS WELL as their health and education that you already get for free.
  12. I can see him now, clinging on to the polished brass door knocker by his fingernails.
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