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  1. Presumably it's the Lib Dems she's working for. Being a criminal or a sex pest is practically a pre-requisite for party membership these days so she is well placed I'd imagine.
  2. It's already got 786 comments posted before even going on air.
  3. I am liking this housing minister blokey.
  4. Depreciating at a rate of minus £67 per day, apparently.
  5. WHAAAAAT??? I've just had a new kitchen put in and I'm not planning on changing it again for at least 10 years. Come to think of it, out of all my family and friends I can't think of anyone who's had their kitchen re-done within the last 5 years. My parents have just refurbed one of their 2 bathrooms, but then again it's the first time they've done that particular bathroom in a home they've owned for 25 years! Aha, this sounds like a more reasonable timescale for kitchens, bathrooms and everything else. So if we go with the 1% figure that means it's going to cost me about £2k a year (
  6. PMSL. I was well confused when I heard them talking about it on the news.
  7. I'm just very grateful I was born in the UK and not Somalia.
  8. Yes. Did just that in late 2009. Just about to have my 2nd baby and couldn't be more content.
  9. So perhaps the whole debacle was a clever publicity stunt designed to draw attention to an issue he wants to see addressed.
  10. Their hygiene regulations don't make sense. I can understand a doctor not wearing a tie because it's going to dangle in one person's bodily fluids and then contaminate the next patient (yum). But I hardly think the same goes for a camera crew who are only observing from the sidelines. I'm from a catering background, kitchen staff have to get changed into their uniforms at work to ensure they don't contaminate the kitchen with all sorts of stuff from outside, pet hair being one example. So why do I always see nurses and other medical staff walking around in the outside world in their unifor
  11. Raising 1 child is bloody hard work, let alone 10. As long as you raise them & pay for their upbringing yourself, of course, and don't expect other tax-payers to subsidise your family's food and shelter AS WELL as their health and education that you already get for free.
  12. I can see him now, clinging on to the polished brass door knocker by his fingernails.
  13. All my old stuff goes to charity shops. Doesn't mean I wouldn't rather keep it if I had room though.
  14. Timm whenever I see your username I can't help thinking of Stephen Timms the treasury minister. Phwoarrrr.
  15. To be fair, today's 3 bedroom houses are only just about big enough for two IMO. My husband and I have been living in one for the last 3 years. We have the lounge diner and the kitchen on the ground floor, plus the obligatory cloakroom. But essentially it's just the two rooms. Upstairs is basically two bedrooms plus a cupboard, sorry, "box room", which we basically use as a wardrobe because we can't fit a wardrobe comfortably into today's class of "master" bedroom. We use the 2nd bedroom for storage/study. There's no garage to store anything in. Having accumulated a combined 66 year
  16. I don't hear any trumpeting on this thread. Most of us know that RM's index is a fairly tale. It's all good for sheeple sentiment to hear a few negative figs being bandied about though.
  17. Over 1/3 of what you pay for a pint of beer goes to the government in various ways, alcohol duty, VAT, rates, etc.
  18. Oh dear. I guess I'll leave this discussion alone for the time being now that you're resorting to shouting insults. Have a nice weekend.
  19. Cool. You've got a great imagination. I hope you're in a line of work that puts that to good use and is valued by your employer. Ethel actually works in a very small business in a rural economy, a business where she feels very valued by her employer who incidentally works bloody longer hours than Ethel does to keep the business going and their staff in a job. Ethel is currently 8 months pregnant and in two weeks time will be leaving to take 9 months maternity leave for which Ethel will only be paid statutory minimum maternity pay of circa £113 per week. However Ethel feels that this is
  20. I was merely commenting that it's a bit hypocritical to have a go at employers who stingily won't give you a payrise or a Xmas party, if you yourself won't give an inch to them either. It's about give and take. If you were the employer, when it comes to the round of redundancies, who are you going to keep, the one who's at work on time every morning or the one who's late and skives off early? Is it really that hard to see things from their point of view? I stay late some evenings, and other times my employer lets me go early. Give and take. Hard for some to comprehend, I gather. Each
  21. Your argument has descended into incoherent drivel now. Either you believe that some employers can be fair, or you don't. Which is it? And why are you telling me that I work for nothing?
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