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  1. it's sad and bewildering to see so many people in the same situation the thing i keep asking myself is 'how is this continuing'. i simply do not understand it i did (what i believed to be) everything right in life i worked really hard at school....and got good grades. i then went on to uni..., where i worked hard and got good grades...and where i had two jobs to help finance myself. in the holidays from uni i did factory work and nightshifts...or whatever i could to help pay for my education i then moved to london and worked my way up through companies i'm 16 years into my career and currently working at a big blue chip company in a senior management role similarly, my girlfriend is has a very good law career. she has a 1.5 hour commute to and from work everyday collectively, our income is very good (and i know we are lucky to earn the salaries that we do...although i also think reflects how hard we have worked over a long period of time) on top of this we have a 150k deposit, which we have collectively worked very hard to save, making big sacrifices to get too i've never had a nice car.....the most i ever spent on one was 4k (and that was between the two of us) i bought my first ever new TV last year, having always had hand-me-downs i'm not greedy and i don't have high expectations or big demands from a house i'm not after a tennis court or a swimming pool....... i don't want to live in london........ i'm not expecting 6 bedrooms or a massive state of the art kitchen all i want is a nice, modest house, with a small garden...possibly with a bit of character in a decent, safe area after 16 years of education and 16 years of long hours and stressfull work, i don't think that is too much to ask...? but seemingly, it is too much to ask..... who are these people who can buy house at these prices??? what have they done that i have not?? it gets me so angry..........
  2. i've been looking at this site for years, but don't post too much here's my story very sadly, i split from my wife 4 years ago. we obviously had to sell the house and so i have rented in the meantime. i luckily found a great place to rent in a lovely surrey town - the perfect rental house, which i love living in and am renting for a fraction of the cost of buying (£1300pcm for a c.500k house) however, the people that own it inherited it from their father who passed away, and are now looking to sell...and i know that i will not be able to afford to buy it having looked at lots of other rentals in the area, they are overpriced and horrible so, i'm now thinking of buying again with my girlfriend,(who i've known since i was 11 ands who is a great girl) we've got a good deposit and we're looking at around the 400k mark in the local area having been tracking market for 3 years, prices just are not moving....and if anything., they are going up it certainly seems like estate agents are pricing properties way, way above the 2007 highs i've been using all the normal sources ot look at property and road history and the current prices are insane like a few on here, i'm now seriously doubting that prices are going to come down - in the surrey area at least there seem to be enough people willing to pay the insane prices to keep the market up no estate agents are closing and the one's i've spoken to are still as smug as ever, telling me that low offers will not be considered and that if i don;t buy, then others will i feel like i've waited a long time for prices to come down now, but the insanity continues i could keep renting and saving, but even though i'm saving about 10k a year, prices are ging up faster than that i keep thinking this cannot continue...but it does houses round here for 400,000 really not worth buying it seems..... if you were me, what would you do (knowinbg that moving is not an option) thanks jmzr
  3. really interesting to read all this, as i've been deliberating over all this for a few years good to see that i'm not too different from most on here. i thought i was being a bit sensible and risk averse, but i'm simialr to many. 44% marks and spencers 3 year bond @ 4% 35% marks and spencers 3 year bond @ 3.25% 12% equity ISA 2% chelsea cash ISA @ 3.3% 3% santander cash ISA @ 3.2% 2% santander e-saver % 3.1% 1% deposit on rental property i should mention that a lot of this has come from reading some very good advice on here cash is low return but high security i've worked hard for what i've got and i'm terrified to gamble any of it
  4. nothing on TV last night, so i watched location location location for the first time in ages that fat, hideous, silver-spooned witch was hassling a couple to buy a house that she liked...and labelled them as 'troublesome' because they did not agree with everything she said it was a big 4 bed semi in marlow, on at a whopping £780,000. in the end, she used her "extensive knowledge" and suggested they offered £770,000 on it.....FFS...!!!! it later turned out that the house was not actually on the market, and the owner decided not to sell the show ended with the couple buying the adjoining, completely identical semi for........wait for it................£670,000.......................a saving of a hundred grand!!!!!!!! my god.......somebody please get this fat, ugly, hideous witch off the TV. if they had taken her so-called advice, they would be paying 6 figures more than doing in on their own how many people have been stitched up by the woman in this way???? i hate her. i was literally shouting at the TV last night!!!! p.s. did i mention that she is revoltingly FAT
  5. the whole thing made me laugh the buyers have totally had one over on her....i bet they cannot believe how dumb she is
  6. exactly what i thought stupid, greedy, irrittating woman her comment about the 'two bit valuer' also speaks volumes i bet she drives a 4x4
  7. lovely stuff!!! do you have a link to the report?
  8. my reply back to them......waiting to hear hi i'm just trying to understand what you are saying here, steve are you saying you are advertising a house that has already sold and completed, to try and deomstrate to the righmove viewers that other houses you are trying to sell currently should also be of the same value? is that what you are saying, steve?
  9. and here is the estate response to my email...........is this legal? Hi, Regarding this house it is not for sale again it does say SOLD and was put back on listings purely for matching purposes. Regards Steve Lione Senior Sales Negotiator Gascoigne-Pees Residential Sales 13-15 Richmond Road Kingston-upon-Thames Surrey KT2 5BW Tel: 0208 546 4020 Fax: 0208 547 1660 www.gpees.co.uk
  10. http://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/14161942?search_identifier=fc6ddd9fd6f77f43c92b2b2b8a73ca62 the on word i can say, is 'disgusting'
  11. sibley i know you read this site everyday...so i just wanted to say a very good morning to you...and to ask how you felt as a result of seeing this morning's land registry data
  12. well, someone is obviously not happy...... i posted on there and it was removed so were 2 other copmments all in the space of 2 minutes
  13. sweet jesus that truly is a monstrosity how on earth did that get planning consent?
  14. yes, it seems that Sibleys alter-ego has been very busy in the last week...on both the Express and the Mail My link
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