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  1. They can negotiate anything they want. So long as I have the final say.
  2. McDonell quoted Mao because he had to prove he was not a comedian.......that’s my cash in hand evening work by the way.....any bookings accepted, even for men only functions.
  3. I used to be worried about being a “one in ten” now I find I am promoted to a “seven in ten”......whoopeeeeedoo.....
  4. So...things are rhyming much the same as ten years ago. What’s the fuss, when have individuals and businesses never been going bankrupt. If the reports were reporting three, five, ten times the number going under, then you have a story. Nothing to see here......
  5. McDonell, just like Corbyn, is a social democrat, not a revolutionary socialist. They exist to save capitalism from its destroyers, not to destroy capitalism. Go lite on the rhetoric please, it’s getting boring.
  6. I don’t think anybody can read the markets, so don’t feel like a fair ground freak. But reading between the lines scares the pants off me. Only thing that keeps me calm is my sovereigns. Well, to be honest they’re mainly half sovereigns, didn’t believe it was that important what I bought. But as I am retiring this year, there are the lump sums from my pension to consider. I’m considering buying some more gold....how, and what?
  7. I see the “Bubbly Bitcoin thread” has nothing to do with something you put in a bubble bath then. Does seem to be a lot of flannel going on round here all the same.
  8. Friday is usually Poets Day...........’Honourable Order Of The Liqiud Lunch Posse’ is to blame.
  9. Tories don't have a monopoly on boom and bust. Nobody owns the patent or copyright, it's just a regular dish on the menu of ''fubar specials' served up by TPTB.
  10. Well, hello all. I have joined to ascertain if this is a good site to raise funds for alms houses for BTL'ers fallen on hard times. I ask you to be as generous as you deem appropriate. My bank details will be posted in the Fools and their money sub forum. Thankyou.
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