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  1. The next General Election is scheduled for 5th May 2022. And yet, with a lot of political turmoil, many are suggesting an election could be held much earlier then that. When do you think the next election will be?
  2. Thanks for your feedback guys, especially those of you that kept it friendly. We have removed the floating aspect of the video adverts and are hoping this will improve the experience. Let us know if it works.
  3. When moderating HPC forum, we want to apply as light a touch as possible. The debates that happen here are amazing and we have no wish to censor lively discourse. The longevity of this forum is a credit to all that have joined in. Please remember that the forum is not age restricted, so it's important that we all take a little extra care when posting, because you can't be sure who is reading. Appreciate your support on this.
  4. For decades now, the discussion of Heathrow Airport expansion has been on the political agenda. Those supporting it say that it will have benefits to the economy. Those against it say the demolition of ancient villages is not worth it. But what do you think? In this long running debate, do you think this will ever actually happen?
  5. We will look into this issue. Please note, that administrators do not automatically read every post. If you wish to contact us, please use the 'Contact Us' button at the bottom of the page.
  6. Content is moderated in order. Members who post high quality content are unmoderated.
  7. An interesting suggestion for a poll from a member: "When will the average UK house price return to less than 4x the single mean full time wage?"
  8. Comment below to suggest the subject of the next House Price Crash Poll. This can be anything that interests you and you think will interest fellow forum members. Dissertation/Masters research is welcome.
  9. The recent problems with the computer systems at TSB have hit the headlines. Have they affected you? Please share your views and experiences on this subject.
  10. Do you believe the government should intervene in the payday loan market?
  11. What do you predict the Bank of England base rate to be at the end of 2018?
  12. When the government has completed it's negotiations for leaving the European Union, do you want a referendum on the final deal.
  13. That's a great point, and following from that, it seems to suggest that HPC members were under-represented in the polls before the referendum.
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