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  1. I think that you know you were right. In a moment of weakness you question that resolve, believing it to be a lie, but with perspective even these lapses are a sign of strength. What else is a White Hat Hacker to do? Your principles are made clear in your website. To corrupt those principles I think would have turned you mad. Do you think that might be lost on those who are on the other side of your ideals?
  2. The chart appears to me a modern day symbol that is bilateral, serving both bull and bear. The undulations have a further duality: at its peak, a safety blanket; at its depths, a cross to bear. It could also represent material worship, disguising and keeping at bay a reason to exist. There's also a view of insanity in there too.
  3. Google > Streetmaps > Southwark planning web maps > Companies House. Interestingly, primary fires (claims against insured property) was on a downward trend until October 2008, since when it has gone up. No surprise to folks on here.
  4. My interpretation is that housing associations are state backed buy to let landlords who hide behind their charitable status to avoid mark to market valuation. A shill comes to mind. But this is not made to matter to the buyers of 'affordable housing', enticed as they are at the prospect of owning a 25% share of their home, but yet conveniently appear to put aside the typical 25 year term! Perhaps the remaining 75% is a legacy for their children? Of course the Housing Association will be on hand to soothe any concerns with the euphemistic option that is 'staircasing'. Sigh. The perils and tribulations of a British tax payer.
  5. Have you explored this further? I'd be interested if you have. You're right that it is an incredible trait, perhaps because it has proven itself to be a credible tool, both to ease pain or to retain a sense of comfort, even bliss. The benefits of industrialisation seems to compound the idea, which leads to your interesting point on death. It appears that in times of plenty death becomes a taboo, or perhaps of more pertinence, it becomes a commodity. In this light, perhaps in the coming era, euthanasia will become de facto.
  6. Peter, As EDM has alluded to, denial has a momentum and depth of its own. I imagine it would be quite profound that those nations steeped in laissez-faire economics could entertain the idea that their system is unsustainable. The idea may initially be repellent and to be vigorously refuted, but the beauty of doubt is that once accepted it strikes its own momentum. I think ?..! came to this conclusion and its consequences some time ago, i.e. on a technical level, nationalise banking and in turn establish more, but smaller, banks, etc, and on a philosophical level, form a new idealogy in which to be governed by. Cue, lots of soul searching and substantive debate!
  7. I would die for Orwell to live today. But out of respect, I think he’s better of dead. Perhaps he’s alive in the likes of Injin?
  8. Here's a lead > http://www.pre-war-housing.org.uk/conclusion.htm
  9. I don't think it dies as such. In my mind, China (and the rest of the ‘BRICS’) have now reached relative equilibrium with the flamboyant riches of the west. The great equalization has simply restored former glories, i.e. Babylon, Ming and Tsar Dynasties, etc. Only the psychotic bourgeoisie can look at these and view them in awe and wonder, while at the same time, try to have their people appreciate it through the means of benign or violent oppression. It was ever thus.
  10. Hi Dipstick Not sure that I can give you the support you're looking for, but I just wanted to remind you of your own decision to aim for a degree of self-sufficiency some years back. Your reasoning at the time should serve as moral support, as it was based on foresight of what might happen. Your experience, good or bad, serves as an inspiration to others in your community, particularly those that might have been perplexed by your zeal. Your story continues, albeit, interrupted by seismic events, but in reality, these macro events are heavily diluted when they hit the micro level, simply because people like you are there to help others in momentary despair. The foresight that comes with being a member of HPC means that you should not be afraid to open the door. Instead it should give you strength to brace yourself against the shattered illusions that made up the well being of what you know, at heart, to be decent people. Those illusions will be seen, in time, for the folly that they are, but I would go further; that your experience will not only help to reveal that, but through its shared momentum it will leave a noble legacy for a generation.
  11. I've long been puzzled to a reference about the control of interest rates, in that it was said that Central Banks of the world, don't, in fact, control interest rates. In that event, who or what is the process that would control or set interest rates?
  12. It must be strange to have a set of assumptions, concepts, values, and practices that ultimately have led to wishful thinking. I wish these presenters wouldn't flog these people with their own dashed hopes though. It only serves to highlight their own fears. Better to accept a truth, and use that to break the denial of their guests. Denial is a strange place, like some twightlight zone where folks ping pong themselves into madness or end up like moog the dog. What a waste.
  13. In the mire it is difficult to find a footing, but your deft assuredness remains undeniable. There were some final words in one of your now vanished threads that still serve as consolation, more so at this time; in that we'll be ok. Anyhow, a public and belated thank you.
  14. Can I ask, is there any reason it didn't do this before now?
  15. EDM Just to reiterate the appeal to stick with the debate. I realise it must be exhausting, but these issues need the level of explanation that you can afford. Its natural to be hurt in the maelstrom of internet fora but these virtual knocks should be easy to absorb; after all they are not real. Saying that, I realise that doesn't help. Nonetheless, it takes courage to speak truths in the face of increasing adversity, and there is an ultimate worth in that, to you and to others. sigh. I guess I feel sadness at the prospect that I won't read more of your contributions and the debate they engender. That is testament to the contributions that you have made, and perhaps on that note, it is sufficient for me to be grateful for that. I look forward to your thesis on the zeitgeist of our times.
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