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  1. Again Particle man you go and do an S. J. Perlman and remind me why I still read this forum. Injin softened me up and you came in with the killer blow. Well, it's all going down people, and I'll tell you why I know this: I was watching telly the other night and because I can't be arsed giving Sky telly a nod and a wink and spending a shitload paying some guy to set up a satellite dish cause I can't be arsed with having a stroke (it's illegal to have Sky where I live so I have to get proper football on the web), I happened to be self-administering my daily dose of Paxman, Wark and the skinny b
  2. Bloody hell. If anyone out there knows a journo withouth their heads stuck up their arses, copy Particle's post and send it to them. That I have to suffer the bilge of the professional financial press and telly while this kind of analysis gets buried amongst a bunch of looney tunes blog sadsters (myself a recovering saddo) makes me sadder still. I don't even like cheese (sept on pizzas) but someone had to point this out. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. And the people at The Times think fcking Kaletsi is a commentator. It is a crime.
  3. Probably. Anyway, I took to posting late at night so that the kids wouldn't get offended. But I asked nicely if this could be set back where I posted and it wasn't. So I'm offski. Hey moderator gadgies; you get this stuff for free you know; are you fcking kidding? For your homework (the peep that moved me) I'd like you to gather up all of my old posts and read them. A million thanks to all the people who wrote some great stuff and offered great insights (you know who you are and there are a lot of you) but it's all a done deal now - no bulls left to annoy and everyone's an expert. I'll stil
  4. Indeed. Would the moderators kindly move this thread back into the light? If I am dead wrong it gives people a chance to scoff. This is important for the property market; and is not unrelated. I have posted many comments on economics and the markets and they were never 'cut'. What gives?
  5. But those prices are probably 'offers over' gone to fixed. It hasn't hit Glasgow on price yet. But it will soon enough.
  6. Indeed. I'm on my eighth country. I have to say that I especially enjoyed "although where these buyers are beats me.." And buyers will be administering many more beatings to come in the near future. Another: "If we accpet an offer at the asking price we have lost about £50K Which is 2 years mortgage payments. So in theory that does add up." In theory, it does. This is great stuff guys.
  7. These falls are an irrelevance. The market will collapse. Edinburgh could go down in history (along with Belfast) as disproving previous 'heuristics' by heading for 70-80% falls. It doesn't matter what 'official' figures say and current prices give no indication as to current conditions. It is not yet about price in Edinburgh (or many other places). Price comes later. The lemmings have stalled at the edge in Edinburgh and they are not about to jump off just yet. There will be no orderly falls. Prices will collapse. I can't be sure exactly when and my guess is that modest falls will be follo
  8. No, I know less than I let on. All 'points' are always known. What I thought was going to happen was unprecedented volatility punctuated by plateaus of calm during which wags would 'see the bottom' and conjecture a recovery. We're seeing that now but I feel uneasy when 'experts' start to see that things 'is' bad. Such behaviour is often a precursor to fundamental change. Someone posted recently about David Smith (some kind of economist, I believe) who claimed he pegged this by suggesting bad mojo in August and that only crazy people would have suggested any such thing before such a thing beca
  9. My Black Monday thread (or have I become cgnao?): It seems almost every week someone starts a Black Monday thread. I thought I would never do such a thing but I find it impossible to believe that the stock market can believe its way out of this one. It is finally becoming evident, to those who would wish otherwise, that those huge losses that banks keep posting are but the beginning. Any bank that wants to survive had better get down to Gordo and Ben's trough before the others cause they can't save them all (or even one of 'em, for that matter). As usual, announcements of further losses co
  10. Don't worry. Edinburgh won't fall tomorrow but it won't be too long before we see a major collapse in Edinburgh.
  11. What, then, is a nationalization of a bank? What is 'providing emergency funds' but a bail out? Can I have some of those funds please? What qualifies one for such special treatment? Why no other industry gets protection? Is the banking system holding a gun to our heads? The taxpayer is going to be expected to pay for this. But they are going to find less and less taxpayers to steal from as more of us leave the country. There are far too many people expecting the taxpayer to fork out for them. Take, for example, the other end of the scale; the local librarian. She's a risk-averse type of gal
  12. We are all going down. The only ones not going down are 'them': the ones that caused this. Indeed, if we were given a choice (which we were/are not) we do not have to bail anyone out. I think you would find, after an initial period of banker hysteria, that they would turn on each other, and start to differentiate themselves. Soon we might find bankers trying to act in a manner that benefited us all. But they first have to see that such a thing is profitable. If we do not make such behaviour profitable they will not act in that way. It is not complicated. If we tell them; suck up as much money
  13. This is the party line. This is the line we'll hear for a while at least. FP got it spot on recently when he recommended banking stocks. I have no idea what the profit point or uncle points will be but they will surely go up for a bit before tumbling down again. Why would the whole system have to fall? It wouldn't. This is just the line we get spun. We need banks to fall. This is a regulatory failure. We need to see banks fall before we can call them banks again. The whole system does not have to fall just because some fall. There simply has to be a difference between incompetence/corrupt
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