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  1. Good to hear from you again. Congrats on the house purchase and hope you have a peaceful life.

  2. Cut my Wishing you well off, never was any good at word counts was I?

  3. Opted in Feb 2010 bought a small house in a small village knowing that we would lose money on it, BUT, couldn't live with my daughter it was driving me mad as was waiting for houses to find some kind of sensible level. I still feel traumatised by that phase in my life, and its odd coming back into HPC, but I am grateful for the support I got during one of the worst times of my life. Wishing...

  4. Where are you?

  5. Friends are interested in a property on a new development, (essentially 2 roads about 30 assorted dwellings some "affordable" !!) Whilst SOLD prices are showing for this year for one road (completed 18 months ago but most only selling this year) , the other road (all sold this year ), is not showing ANY sold prices on the aboutmyproperty map / myproperty spy etc.. Is there any way to get SOLD prices for a particular development? Friends are concerned that they would buy and find that the other 10 houses all sold for 20% under what they have paid!! Would a solicitor be able to find SOLD prices?
  6. Did anybody see this story in the Mail yesterday Mother Leaps to death with 5 month old son after losing benefits I know a LOT of you are anti benefits.....but it is the poorest that will pay the price as always for the mess we are in.......whilst the bankers take their bonuses believing they deserve them..... I am living in Ireland at the moment and I just cant see how people are supposed to pay the bills, no NHS, health insurance expensive , daughter's in laws low income farmers 65 + pay 25 euros a week for prescription insurance alone. If we lose NHS people will not only not afford to be able to bury their dead, they will have to nurse the ill unable to afford treatment until they are dead. My sister with dental insurance in the UK, she is a teacher, could not afford a crown, quoted £500, dentist had to try to stick tooth together £179. Guess it will not be long before we have people in the street offering to pull teeth with a swig of whisky and for why? So house prices could go up to levels where nobody could afford them and banks could go broke in the process
  7. Mmmm somehow think the neighbours on each side of a little terrace in any regular town may have something to say if their neighbour started burying their dead in the garden , not a GREAT selling point is it. And isn't there problems with disease.....water systems, rats etc? Tibetans take the bodies out and chop them up and throw them to the vultures........perhaps we could do something similar with the bodies we can't afford to bury, do you know any vultures? Or perhaps we will have to start floating them off alight in the nearest waterway like they do at the Ganges.
  8. Assume you have to be "potless" , most would have money in property etc and I would assume in the past people borrowed against future sale of house etc.. If estate goes to probate assets get frozen so you can't even touch money in the bank . Its like so many things (central heating needs replacing / windows etc) we used to borrow, but banks are reluctant to lend, even for funerals I it would seem , because people simply cannot afford to repay , or cannot afford to repay until house is sold or probate through which can take months and months, for probate, and years to sell a house unless it has just had a make over and you are not needing to attract a FTB!!! So what do people do? Funeral homes cost a fortune even without the burial. Are you allowed to cremate your relatives in the back garden ? Another reason to avoid buying a house next to social housing! Seriously what is the law in getting rid of your friends and relatives remains? Perhaps we will have green fields opening up offering "dig your own" .
  9. Buyers and sellers surely avoid marketing / buying in December. The last thing you want as a seller is to get your home photographed with a Christmas Tree in it, I noticed in May and June this year that it really doesn't do anyone any favours . Its like having it photographed with snow in the garden ....looks so bad in August!!
  10. What are we all doing Bloo ? It all seemed so clear earlier this year, even during the bullish / green shoot summer it still seemed clear. I know that what seemed so clear then is still relevant, things such as: 1. historical loan to incomes (no matter what the bulls say about "affordability" criteria you and I know that there were reasons people needed 125% LTV, that 40% of all loans at peak were high risk, that so many took interest only mortgages etc etc). 2. the need for FTB's 3. loss of RMBS , which was responsible for 90% of mortgage growth between 2005 - 2007 4. Interest rages having only one way to go 5. Previous bubbles have seen property go up 50% and fall 24%. This bubble property went up 200% ! etc etc... Yet despite logic informing us that the market cannot continue to rise, and Nationwide perpetually informing us that house price increase IS NOT SUSTAINABLE........the madness continues , and HousePriceCrash has become quite a depressing place to be. Feel we have all been on a journey this year....sharing time and space together....but hard to see as the year draws to a close .....what next? Seems there will be fewer and fewer properties coming on the market, Rightmove say that people tend to wait until after elections to see what will happen. Fewer properties seems to equal higher house prices, rising indices which give way to more bullish ramping and even more people racing out to buy before property rises even higher. We all know that this is not sustainable.....yet nothing seems to be going to shift those property prices .......and house price crash seems to be turning into overvalued property price stagnation ...or...as in the cases I have posted this week....HOUSE PRICE INCREASE .....even if those increases are a joke....they DO feed into sentiment. When people see house prices going up......they think "NO OFFERS PLEASE" even if it doesn't sell.
  11. Posted earlier in this thread about a house that has been on since July and not sold has gone up £30000 this week, here is another This one has been on for a while at £215000 - £220000 mark , seen it since the summer Property £215000 Hereit is freshly listed with Rightmove at £250000!!! WE DO SEEM TO BE AS FAR FROM THE END OF THIS DEAD CAT BOUNCE AS IT IS POSSIBLE TO BE
  12. Guess all that will be widely reported is the 10% UP bit and the 10% further down bit will be lost along with the 2014 before prices go back up to 2007 values! Quite a few on Rightmove this week up 10 - 15% , and loads now saying "Offers in Excess Of". Nationwide has been saying for months HPI was not sustainable, but it just seems to get lost in all the bullish ramping.
  13. At the weekend we had Foundations Laid for Housing Recovery And today, OK in the Estate Agency Times but it is only repeating what has been reported in other papers, we have: Nationwide set gloomy house price forecast for 2010 SO WHAT HAS NATIONWIDE PREDICTED FOR 2010?
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