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  1. I'd have to agree here. For remainers to just try and sabotage the whole thing rather than get the best deal.
  2. It's not so much that - it's that we're at the mercy of a rational outcome to brinkmanship. That is a problem.
  3. Most independent people working a trade would already live in Gibraltar - that's mostly true. The only people that cross the border every day have office jobs. It would no doubt be a nightmare for some. The ones is complete dire need would just have to continue working only in Spain or move to Gibraltar via a boat. Not impossible. No doubt some people will just go back home to their country.
  4. I have no idea how customs is done here on a technical level - sorry. As I understand everything is inspected and duty applied as appropriate which can be paid electronically. It's a bit different here because there is a hard border and always has been. It's not an issue for normal people unless you're expecting some huge computer server in a hurry. When you buy something online the VAT is just removed. Depending on what you're buying you may have to pay duty but I've not encountered that yet. A system would probably work a lot better in Northern Ireland as there are 2 million people there rather than 30,000.
  5. Similar to the UK I'm guessing. Many people upset with May's government. People annoyed with some of the Spanish talk. Businesses exploring contingency plans if the border closes (I'm guessing you just work from home if the border is closed). What really scares the people in Gibraltar is for the border to remain open but there be 2 lines for EU and rest of the world and one get abused. I think Gibraltar is secretly ok with leaving the EU as it means they regain a lot of control. No deal is a little messy though.
  6. I'm largely indifferent to Brexit but err towards leave. Does the EU prop up the NHS in some way? Other EU countries don't even have that type of system. It's probably faster-than-can-be-reacted-to population growth that damages the NHS if anything. Hasn't the UK generally had strong employment rights relative to the EU? And I don't mean copying the Spanish system which just means no one gets employed. What are you suggesting about drug law? That there is evidence that the UK would create lax safety environment? (I'm probably more exposed to Brexit than most people - living in Gibraltar).
  7. A typical project manager with a few years of experience in IT working in somewhere like Leeds might not earn £50k. Many do, many don't. I'd say the average is well under. I've picked a very specific job because I'm familiar with it and it covers working with people, managing responsibilities and having a decent understanding of technology type stuff.
  8. cica

    Natural Language Processing and AI

    Human society is extremely complex and chaotic. Most investors are just normal people that haven’t got a clue what will be successful so yes, they only invest is businesses showing financial results. Most business ideas probably come from people rolling a dice and stumbling across an idea similar to choosing the right lottery numbers. Not all of course. Maybe they are just doing what has been done before but creating a new brand. Brands are everything and what people strongly identify with.
  9. I'm calling it: "No deal" Brexit to go ahead with a "deal" done in form of two-way unilateral emergency "no deal" contingency plans that cover most things. Modifications done to each "deal" through "unofficial" UK-EU dialogue done right up until the last minute.
  10. cica

    How to avoid torture

    3 seems sensible but you’re probably in a boat load of trouble if someone is torturing you and you’ll not make it out. In the good the bad and the ugly, the ugly doesn’t even bother torturing Blondie as he says he knows he would never speak and therefore never get what he wants because Blondie knew speaking would definitely get him killed.
  11. cica

    i hope he wins and gets damages also

    It should not be banned but the regulator should come down on them much harder. The UK does regulate very heavily but there are some things they should do. Allow bookmakers to advertise amazing “acca” accumulator bets done by real people as long as they show how many others that particular customer lost or be paired with another bet that didn’t. The games should be coded and tested to military standards. If that means it’s really expensive to develop and launch a game then so be it. Have you seen how many games there are? They are clearly pumped out by the dozen by crappy developers and have ridiculous excuses like “sorry it’s a bug”. There are actually people out there that are very very patient and mindful with their betting and do beat the bookie. As soon as that happens the bookies will just close their accounts. Perhaps there should be a tax on these closures that goes to charity. There should a lifetime losses meter on display at all times. Be more explicit and transparent about the mathematics of the games. The bookmakers must fund probability courses or something! One thing you have to be aware of is that pushing gambling underground is very likely even worse. You may get less people doing it but those that do would get truly rinsed in an underground scene - be that on some dark web or something.
  12. I did do a quick search so please pardon me if this is double-posted but prepare to be infuriated by a very sensible person ridiculed by James O'Brien.
  13. Didn't the ECB do the same as the BoE?
  14. cica

    Another Russian Spy?

    I'm certainly not one to believe in conspiracy theories but this story just gets more and more bizarre. It could be the guy is not a good speaker.
  15. cica

    I've never been more ashamed to be British.

    Firstly, I don't even find it funny or novel and I'm up for jokes. I guess it fits with the Facebook meme age. It's a bit like filming someone putting a cream pie in someone's face and posting in on YouTube hoping some people find it hilarious. Are Obama and Trump so different? Some differences but are they really substantial?

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