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    I'm not entirely sure I understand life

    Do you have a family? I would hazard a guess not. IME most men would happily avoid or at least ambivalent about most of those things. However, introduce, girlfriend, wife, kids etc and they become a general necessity to keep everyone happy and hold down a job, home etc and general hold everything together. In the end you recognize their value (except parties, unless for young children).
  2. desertorchid

    People that earn less than 50k are scum

    The biggest fallacy is that even intelligent people have the slightest idea what the long term consequences of remain or Brexit might be. Human societies are hugely complex systems. Therefore everyone, rich , poor, thick or smart are merely working on best guess short term interests. You either don't do the vote (too complex- but politicians don't know either) or give everyone the vote. I know remainers that believe only certain people should get the vote and it makes me furious.
  3. Democracy hasn't failed. Once voters advised on leaving the EU it was up to parliament to negotiate the best outcome. The fact this is contentious is democracy at work. May's deal has a trajectory of the UK outside of the EU. The problem with it is that it leaves a potential gap in proceedings where this might not happen, hence cannot pass through parliament. A renegotiated deal or No deal then become the only options. Either way we leave and democracy has been successful.
  4. Doesnt sound a healthy way to spend the rest of your days
  5. "Conspiracy theory is a gateway drug on the road to the adult realisation that nobody is in control" When you realise that leaders of medium sized organisations are pretty clueless and have limited control as to the actual goings on in their community you realise conspiracy theories are just that. No-one or group could have the degree of control needed to make them work.
  6. Hi all, Attempting to save for a deposit safely has been a complete nightmare for most with inflation eating into your savings. I have read previous comments concerning Zopa and other p2p sites but you need a risk appetite. I have started using Wiselapha which enables you to invest in senior secured bonds of a wide range of large companies. With 6-8% easily achieved I see this as an ideal place to stash the cash whilst waiting for house prices to come down. Does anyone have any other places they save with these kind of returns? Would be interested to hear. By the way Wiselalpha customer services etc have been superb so far.
  7. desertorchid

    Farage Resigns As Ukip Leader

    Farage will be be knighted one day. It will just take a while for all the snowflakes to accept he actually did us a service by retaining autonomy and releasing us from the EU superstate project.
  8. desertorchid

    Brexit - Are You Having Regrets? -- Multiple Merged

    Post from a fanatical Remainer friend who has come to terms with the result. I see this as positive: "Just coming out of deep depression- helped by watching Adele at Glastonbury and the video of the London copper proposing to his boyfriend on the Pride march and realising Britain really is great - but wth some problems. The problem is that, as in the USA, the people at the top have lost any ethics and have taken all the money. Or as Pickarty would have it, the relationship between labour and capital has become seriously skewed and there are a lot of people out there who are being ******ed over. They naturally enough lash out and that idiot Cameron gave them an opportunity to lash out, so they took it. The problem is that the Labour party has ceased to be a party of the working class and become a party of people like me. The job of a Labour Party is to support the life chances of those without skills, those on zero hour contracts. It needs to build a strong Trade Union movement to support workers rights and, unfortunately, needs to recognise that free movement of labour means lower wages for anyone who can be replaced by a cheaper East European. Yes, to needs to be progressive, in favour of equality (racial, sexual, gender, whatever), but it needs to bring its constituency with it, not just see them as bigots (G Brown.) There are no more, probably fewer, arsehole racists in Britain than most other European countries but other countries don't have Murdock (Sky, Sun, Times) or the Mail, Express, Telegraph, making up such a large proportion of their media output. And of course, they haven't fallen so far from most powerful country in the world to very much not so. So, lets take the Brexiters at face value. Let's elect a government which nurtures the NHS, which builds social housing - thereby pushing private house prices down, that gets a bit more balance into taxation which has become a lot less progressive, that makes alliances with progressive parties in the EU (oh ******, too late for that now!) Corbyn is the current problem but before that it was Miliband then Blair. - my vote should be going to to the Greens as I am rich enough to afford that level of ethics. The Out voters were not idiots, nor racists, they were fooled by a sophisticated marketing campaign which has been going on for 30 years. And the Remain camp had no positive things to say - which politicians were telling us the EU has secured democracy in Eastern Europe, has brought decent minimal labour and human rights, has pioneered policies to slow global warming, represents a beacon of hope, of co-operation, of common sense in a world sadly lacking it? Hardly any. Amusingly the CCP comment in the People's Daily is "that is what happens when you have democracy". I fear they are partly right."
  9. desertorchid

    Brexit - Are You Having Regrets? -- Multiple Merged

    In 5-10 years time If just 20% of the bleating remainers admit they would not vote to re-join the EU then I think the job will be done. Until then, very bumpy ride, but any leaver with minimal IQ must have known this would happen.
  10. desertorchid

    Brexit - Are You Having Regrets? -- Multiple Merged

    Regrets , no way. If leavers have regrets already they really didn't think through their vote properly. Things will get more unstable in the short term but not as bad as the remain campaign claimed. Still yet to see some of the snowflakes in the media lash back. Anything from Toynbee or Owen Jones yet?
  11. Remember these attempts at his life: http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-oxfordshire-13082655
  12. I recall an interview where it was claimed the series Line of Duty was the closest thing to reality in the police force today. Now I am starting to believe it.
  13. Any attempt to bring this up before Friday will be seen as utterly distasteful and counterproductive. Both sides should merely comment on this as a human tragedy and move on to the issues. There will be attempts to analyse this in a more meaningful way in the press but unfortunately the question How could this have been avoided? cannot be answered. The reason is complex and way beyond the simple narrative that most will fall back on which is a hate crime caused by a racist.
  14. If you were looking down a list of a few hundred Remain campaigners to decide who to take out to secure the vote, she would probably be top. Just saying.
  15. Crikey 22nd of June- Guaranteed to to plastered on the front pages a day before we go to the polls. Poor woman. They have simply pushed all Brexit voters into mindset where they would have to be extremists, conspiracy theorists and haters to continue to support them. This is where Johnson and co had successfully steered the debate away from in recent weeks on issues such as accountability, democracy and quality of life.

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