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  1. Yes, gracious in defeat; I'll give him that.
  2. Out Borised Boris. Fantastic! If you allow mass uncontrolled immigration but then build no extra houses or infrastructure to cope with the influx, don't be surprised if something like this happens. The winds of change just blew stronger in Europe tonight.
  3. They are indirectly bought anyway through propoganda and adverts.
  4. These people who took this case need to show me where you can rent a room in the PRS in a house where everything is paid for £20 a week. It will get snapped up.
  5. Tired of these stories, nobody's losing anything, nobody who owns a home that is (stuff everyone else: the saver, taxpayer, the renter). The taxpayer will bail them out again, we all know that's how it works now.
  6. Best thread ever on Housepricecrash. One bitcoin worth over £540 now. Well done Trakiton, hope you kept hold of those bitcoins.
  7. Good that it's made the NYT but so what? What's going to be done about it other than more words? Yak, yak, yak, that's what. Disgraceful situation, trickle down? Whatever.
  8. It's high time they started putting the "exact" Google Streetview link down too. We all go to Streetview to see the property, but having it by the property would save us the Google map trek to get to the exact spot.
  9. Am I missing something can't you just get this info from the land registry or the been-there-ages "Sold Prices" link on RM?
  10. Anyone care to predict the headlines three years from now? Then bump the thread in Oct 2016.
  11. That bedroom bog is awesome. How romantic!
  12. The only surprising thing is that I was genuinely surprised by this announcement. This is just a total disaster.
  13. Italian Government on brink of collapse tonight, sounds like an Archduke Ferdinand moment was reached today after months of tension.
  14. Yes you can do exactly what you want in RM by manipulating the links, I keep forgetting how to do this and I've just worked it out again so I'm going to type it here for posterity: 1. Find the sold price of the property you want and you'll get a web link thus: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/house-prices/detailMatching.html?prop=36820330&sale=49713470&country=england 2. To get it's original RM list price simply find the property code from sold price (in bold above) and change the one below to it (I've done it for you here): http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-36820330.html
  15. Do you mean someone let hundreds of thousands of people into London in the last few years but didn't build extra property to cope with the influx? Oh well, at least the CBI is happy.
  16. Need to staple this to my very first post as it fleshes out the main points very well and draws a line under the entire thread.
  17. You've completely misunderstood the point. Perhaps a diagram will make it clearer for you? Also, re-read Frost's Post Number 1.
  18. Good post Frost, thanks for joining to share this. Your anecdote conveys my feelings when watching last nights The One Show most excellently. edit: maybe you should replace the guest presenter
  19. Hang on, we're talking mass immigration here. This hasn't occured in Saudi (or Germany in the 80's) or anywhere else in the recent past in anything like the scale the UK has experienced. You and me and everyone else were at the coalface of the single, biggest wave of mass immigration in the history of this country. I don't oppose immigration. I oppose totally uncontrolled, mass immigration, without a corresponding increase in infrastructure, without caring where they were all going to live, by peoples who can undercut the indigenous populace every step of the way (and still go to the GP for free in front of someone who's paid UK tax for 40 years).
  20. http://www.migrationwatchuk.org/media-reports-archive/2013-2 Sure, there you go about half-way down. 8 times UK minimum wage is probably 50 quid an hour?
  21. Ridiculous piece by Andy Kershaw (I think it's him), you need to check it out on BBC iPlayer when it's up if you missed it and play spot the cliché. At first I thought it was an unbiased piece on the effects of mass immigration and not towing the usual party line of "improving diversity" but then midway through he couldn't help himself and said such classics as "they're just taking our jobs" & "Eastern Europeans do the jobs British people won't". What he singly failed to mention (of course) was Purchasing Power Parity. I find it staggering to believe that people still think Eastern European immigrants work longer hours in the UK (read as "harder" on this piece) because of some inbuilt altruism. As if they are in the UK and work these ridiculous hours, doing awful jobs, out of some inbred work-ethic. The truth of courrse is much more simple and primal. They are here because they can earn 4-5 times what they could in their home country. I've used the phrase before that they have hit The Mother Lode and indeed they have. The equivalent would be an unskilled British person going to Eastern Europe and earning £45 an hour for working in a fast food shop. Not once was this bare fact mentioned. Also, the fact that 3 million people were allowed into the UK in less than eight years but 3 million extra homes weren't built to house them thus pushing up rents was of course not mentioned at all. The truth of free movement of labour between countries with vastly disparate GDP's is that the labour gravitates towards the country paying the highest relative wage. It was never going to result in anything else.
  22. My sentiments exactly. It's a fantastic article. It touches on so many themes that people on hpc have been saying for years. Once again we see that slowly the people of the hpc generation are taking up the levers of power and are venting their fury to a wider and wider audience.
  23. People on here have been saying Sq Ft should be used for years instead of bedrooms. How long has it taken them to catch up? Nuts!
  24. But not Tulipmania, that was made up for that very book.
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