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  1. There are thousands of three bed houses under 100k for sale and about 700 2 bed on Rightmove. These are 1 and two bed properties to give an option for people renting a three bed home to downgrade and avoid the 'bedroom tax' Not sure how a 70 home development is going to make even a small dent in the problem though.
  2. Germany has a huge amount of British passport holders who don't speak English and have never been here, usually through an ex services father. The main reason for the passport was to avoid mandatory military service. So I wonder how many of those are really UK citizens?
  3. Yep, the same with food as well. If they can't afford to feed themselves they should simply ration what they can afford or root through the bins of the wasteful affluent types. This is 21st century Britain where people have no right to expect shelter, warmth, food etc. as a basic human right. Good Lord!
  4. Eel be gutted when he realises his mistake.
  5. Has anyone close to you ever been in a 'care' home? This is not a true reflection of what many are paying hundreds of pounds a week for.
  6. It's not just the adverts, the shows themselves are advertising a lifestyle to very impressionable young people who are obsessed with consumerism. Hollyoaks, Gok Wan type shows, celebrity 'reality' tv etc. Just like property shows they're one long string of adverts dressed up as entertainment. Women in work buy magazines by the dozen, they're strewn across the office, piled forgotten in the break areas full of nothing but full page adverts and lifestyle articles. Bare in mind the type of person you are also. Like I constantly remind my dad when he rants about todays music, they don't care if you don't like it because it's not meant for you. But the people it is meant for are lapping it up.
  7. Haha yeah I ended up with cover on no valid cards, an expired passport and my NI card
  8. Same here. I reckon I had it for about 4-5 years before I finally remembered to cancel it before it renewed again automatically!
  9. Surely if you can't buy into consumerist culture then you can't be wealthy? Isn't the nature of wealth that you can have anything you want (materialistically) without worry? I'd say for most, the way to survive is to not buy in to the consumerist culture
  10. Well yeah that would be even better but I'm happy enough with final asking price and sold price.
  11. Brilliant! That's just what I wanted, posted way up as well by Northampton Bear which I totally missed!! I tend to do all my house browsing on Rightmove, never really used Zoopla for some reason. Thanks very much all.
  12. I'm reminded of the Jonny Depp film 'Blow' and the Nicaraguan bank scene!
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