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  1. And of course the "Youthquake" who voted for Corbyn for debt freedom & lower house prices. Not just students but people in their 30's & 40's. Remember HPI is now spread across two generations. The media is concentrating on the Millenials, of course, but HPC bods were there first. Well over a decade ago I remember people on this site talking of a rage that would happen at some point in the future if the insaneness of HPI wasn't dealt with. We talked about as more & more younger people picked up the levers of power the HPI anger would just get louder & louder. One thing HPC didn'
  2. I don't think this is being said. What IS unfair is your daughter gets to choose where her vote is worth more and has an unfair advantage(in fact there are Websites called whats my vote worth to help her decide & these were heavily taken up by the student vote). What about people who work away during the week & pay local taxes (council tax via rent on a crash pad) for instance? Tactical voting had a huge impact on this election. The correlations between the stop the Tories websites & the actual results shows this. It's not on that students could choose the best place to vote.
  3. Good luck, you might make some beer money methinks.
  4. I was kind of hoping for a hung parliament. For an HPC I think it would be best. Some Labour MP's privately querying exitpoll. Still early days.
  5. Early indicators that while the Labour vote was up a lot it was only holding in areas where they already had a strong showing. First Past The Post strikes again?
  6. I disagree with you on that. That is what was *predicted* but so far going other way. But we'll see at end of night of course.
  7. Exit poll already wrong. UKIP vote returning home to Tories. I said UKIP would be Kingmakers. Smart Labour Tweeterers already spotting this. Let's see...
  8. They couldn't really do much worse. I remember checking in '15 and unlike say the UKIP 2nd places the Lib Dem 2nd places were very marginal. I seem to remember Lib Dem ones lost to SNP for example were. They didn't need much of a swing.
  9. Exit poll does not include postal vote. I can't seem to find any figures on which party does best with this method. At a hunch I'd say Tories, probably why exit poll tends to underestimate them.
  10. Whenever I read about the insane levels of tax credits I can't help but think there must've been a time in the early 2000s when tax credits were introduced (I think I read the budget report in the year they were, or they replaced something else, family credit or something) where a legion of single mums, quite literally overnight, were suddenly getting a shed load more in money then the previous week. They must've thought they hit the jackpot. Also, btc (before tax credits) siblings were always a couple, maybe three or four years apart at most. Nowadays it's not unusual as one kid hits 16,
  11. This is what I'm saying many people wouldn't have this option. Are they using a friends address for the electoral roll? Shouldn't be as you have to be at that address for a certain length of time during the year. Where are they the most? In your situation above your credit rating would be destroyed. Using a mates address isn't an option and is actually a big commitment the friend has to take on. The definition of "registered address" is a legal definition and your mate would be taking on quite a bit to say you are there when you are in fact wondering around the country in a van. You actually
  12. It is a good project. For the UK, my obvious questions would be 1) what would your registered address be? There are so many things denied to you without this. Ironically how would you even insure the van without an address in the UK, keeping up with the programming theme (recursion). What if you can't "just use your mums address" because your mum is dead or lives in a council house on her own on Housing Benefit. What then? 2) Again, how would this effect your credit rating? I'm not slating the idea, I think it's an option for certain demographics. It is a shame that you have to even consider
  13. There's two dates for Brexit remember. The 23rd June & post that is a "phoney war" and then there's the date for triggering Article 50 (the real Brexit).
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