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  1. South Northants Q1 2005 52 Q1 2004 135 Thats a huge 61.5% folks
  2. Pre-Op, I've considered a tummy-tuck but it really isn't me I've seen ads in my missus's Cosmo' mags and seen my future, so I'll get back to you.. FC-uk
  3. 39 years young, blonde (I was), male and frankly rather fit but the years of abuse will soon take their toll :-) FC-uk
  4. Fat Chancellor .. because I'm neither. Bit too serious on the whole, maybe, like a politician. Guess it's a bit of a dig at my least favourite person, GB. The epitomy of all that has (and is about to) ruin the UK. I used to have a list of manufacturing sites where I worked in the past, about 90 in all .. 15 remain. My daughter says I'm not as funny as I should be FC-uk.
  5. How true:- This is the loss of 500-600 well paid tax-paying jobs. You can't take their cigs off-site to family/ freinds. I know 'cos I worked there, there are allowances and such but it's too complicated to go into here. There is plently of security to ensure you don't get cigs offsite. Some 'sampling' is permitted onsite in the interests of quality assurance, as agreed with the government & excise people etc., but that's it :-) When the NL do-gooders have their way YOU (not MarkG - you're aboslutely on the money) will pay the shortfall in the NHS, mull that one over. I may be off the ma
  6. Quite, when I purchased my house in 2000 we were messed about by many vendors who didn't realistically want to sell. When I commented to the EA that many were wasting our time they said typically 1/3 of vendors are complete time wasters but on the off chance the EAs take their sale on, nothing to loose by doing so. I was hoping the Scottish system would have been adopted before now, I guess westminster don't wish to admit that someone else has a better idea.
  7. Good point - so I tried it. Thanks to the wonders of Money 2005 here is my expenditure > 1% in the last year. Clothes 1% Insurance - House, Life excl car insurance 2% Computer kit & CDs, DVDs 2% Supermarket Food, Wine & Cigs 3% Cash Withdrawal from AutoBank 3% Job Expense (flights, hotels, trains & petrol) 4% Bills ( Elec, Oil, BT, Gas, Mobiles ) 5% Holidays incl holiday money 5% Household - Furniture, DIY 8% Savings
  8. I have a question. If your beloved Gordon has the answers, why has it taken him 7/8 years to even mention this topic. My articulate, intellegent daughter wasn't even born then! Thats a long, long time for a supposed pressing issue. I remember the election pledges both times around .. this has never been amongst them or a major topic ... this is just current headline grabbing. Why didn't GB spend the budget deficits he inherited 7 years ago to do anything with this issue at the time ??? Clearly TB & GB have given up trying to meddle with the NL UK plc project so would like to move the focus
  9. Just got a new laptop from very large PC retailer - asked how busy they'd been over the last few weeks - "Dead." I asked them why - " The Election." Sound familiar? Agreed. I've been watching my local (outer south east) A-U-D-I garage used car list for the last 6 months looking for a newer motor. Not one car from this franchised dealer has moved on since Jan. Not one. I'll make an offer when I'm good and ready - let 'em sweat.
  10. Similar position 1989 2 up/down 62K Mortgage/ 8K deposit (Payments @ 12% fix got to £640 of £820 net pay at one point !!!) 1997 2 up/down 74K sale (NB: 8 years and a lot of inflation for £4K gain) 1997 4 bed Victorian Town House 130K (with 20K savings in meantime - "People don't buy £130K houses") 2000 4 bed Victorian 240K sale 2000 5 Bed Cottage 350K ("We don't normally deal with 350K properties" - solicitors) 2005 5 Bed Cottage 75% equity Just goes to show if you're frugal and play the market - based in instinct, there was no HPC then - you can get yourself ahead. MEW is just secured
  11. I'd sell providing you could find rental local .. Oh, and buy a new keyboard!
  12. They've got one of those "micro people" they use in DFS adverts to walk around!
  13. I think Mart hit the nail on the head there. In recent times we've bought a lot of under-priced stuff that has helped keep our doctored infaltion down. Since the start of the year the 'buy what you need' ethic has evolved and £20 DVD players are of no significance. Everything I HAVE to pay for has inflated greatly.
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