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  1. What's wrong with spreading the experience around to others instead of one person?
  2. Prices up again. Another rusty nail through the heart of the bears. When will they admit game over?
  3. With such apathy is it any wonder the banksters are getting away with buggery.
  4. Mass capitulation of the bears. People can only put their life's on hold for so long. The government will and are doing anything and everything to prevent a HPC, and so as long as they are then nothing will crash. That's why I switched.
  5. What about an option for the people who switched a few months ago? I was a long-term bear until Autumn and since turning Bull I have been proofed consistently correct. Anyway I wasn't sure what to tick on your poll so ticked turned bullish.
  6. Yeah what this country needs right now is a new bunch of incompetent liars to replace the existing ones. Glad forgive they stand up and talk with conviction purpose and honesty.
  7. I changed my status at the end of last year. Too many people with a vested interest. House prices, like the banks, are too big to fail. They will and are doing anything to stop them falling. Game over.
  8. The Conservatives ARE the original party of home ownership. Anyone waiting for the Tories to prompt a HPC is sadly deluded.
  9. Just maybe some of those bears are a good deal older than you and are tired of waiting?
  10. Why would they talk about how much they are paid for doing work when they can boast about how much their house has earned them for doing nothing?
  11. I guess you glossed over the 'must have extensive experience in a similar role' remarks for an £8/hr job network admin job.
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