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  1. Good article in the Daily Mail from the undercover reporter in tonights TV prog. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/dmstandar...smoney.com/news
  2. Hey guys stop taking the piss that is going to be some rich persons home one day !
  3. 'Somewhere between 15 and 25 per cent of the £1 trillion in outstanding mortgage balances in Britain has now been sold to the capital markets.' http://www.telegraph.co.uk/money/main.jhtm...7/ccbonds07.xml
  4. The first signs of panic in the property market were reported today by a leading estate agent. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/dmstandar...smoney.com/news
  5. From the Times A spokesperson for Music Zone said: "The decision by our bankers to recover debts and withdraw credit facilities without notice and with immediate effect left us and our private equity backers with no real alternative other than to appoint administrators." Banks dont you love them !
  6. They reckon 30,000 people by April (that is the size of a football stadium worth of people)
  7. The Bulls often quote a wall of money to enter the market from City bonus's what if that money fails to go into property ?
  8. Coming to the UK soon ? http://biz.yahoo.com/weekend/rentgloat_1.html
  9. Buy-to-let The growth of the buy-to-let market has seen investment in property by individuals who historically would have owned only their primary residence. The lack of experience of certain investors in this sector though has resulted in many underestimating the effect that having no tenant in the property, even for a short period, has on cash flow so resulting in an arrears situation. In multi property portfolios we are increasingly witnessing scenarios where the rent is being paid to the borrower on some properties but not being applied to the mortgage on that particular property. Professional negligence During the mid 1990s when repossessions were at an all time high and property values were falling, high volumes of negligence claims were brought against valuers and conveyancing solicitors. Following the recovery of the housing market, the number of claims for professional negligence in matters connected with residential mortgages dropped considerably. In addition, the House of Lords in the case of Royal Bank of Scotland plc v Etridge No 2 (2001) HL 3 WLR shifted some of the burden away from solicitors and back to the lenders. Despite the drop in the number of claims being made that does not necessarily mean that negligence is not occurring. It is relatively common now on selling a repossessed property to find title defects however in the vast majority of cases an insurance policy addresses the issue and no major loss occurs. Negligence claims for open valuations on buy-to-let cases and new build flats are increasingly starting to rear their heads.
  10. I love my i-pod and love my Apple MAC computer, hate PC's though.
  11. Pensions fund firm at risk in BBC rejig Our story yesterday highlighting the new "battle of the ages" over public sector pensions provoked a storm of comment on our website. Almost all called for some kind of reform to pensions for state workers which will otherwise prove a huge burden on future generations of taxpayers if left as they are. Young people, who probably don't care two hoots about their own pensions, are walking eyes closed into a financial nightmare involving other people's pensions which they are going to have to pay for, like it or not. If, however, they do spend more than a moment considering the future they might just reach the same conclusion as one of our online contributors yesterday. "I am leaving these shores because I cannot, at 25, afford to move out and into my own home. I hope all you baby boomers and the current generation in charge realise what you have done." This was posted by a reader called Tim, and begins to hint at the "dire consequences for Britain's social cohesion" that one senior actuary warned of in our report yesterday. The cost of buying a home is becoming prohibitive, obviously. So too is the cost of a decent retirement. Britain is in danger of becoming a less attractive place to live for younger generations, at least from a financial perspective. Already short of well educated young people joining the workforce, this country can ill afford to lose even more. However, this is the high economic cost we will have to pay for older generations enjoying large amounts of property wealth and gold-plated pensions.
  12. So Miles Shipside of rightmove is saying SENTIMENT is not a factor in the price of houses as an investment, if he truely believes that he has made a huge stupid error.
  13. Do you not realise that Mervin needs to put up interest rates to the point you are bothered for them to work, so from what you say interest rates have a lot higher to go.
  14. ' HSBC's chief executive, Michael Geoghegan, pointing the finger at aggressive marketing by debt management companies.' But no aggressive marketing by the banks of loans took place of course.
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