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  1. http://www.news.com.au/story/0,10117,19010...5001160,00.html
  2. http://money.cnn.com/2006/04/18/real_estat...blogs/index.htm
  3. This proves this how much you can trust the national association of estate agents Reuters
  4. Seemed like the EA's got together at their Christmas do, and decided -come on chaps, -lets get this going again- The new properties we coming on in January at inflated prices compared to those which had been on their books from months previous for comparible properties. Its insteresting seeing those inflated asking prices now being reduced...
  5. I just had to ad this, its another of Chris Halls "Hot Cakes" Taverham £385.000 28.01.05 Eastern Daily Press property supplemnt. 4 bed det cottage in sought after location (well perhaps its not that sought after or could it be Chris Hall just got the price wrong) its still on his web site 26.03.06.
  6. In todays observer Chris Hall is quoted as saying" after a difficult 2005, estate agents are optimistic. 'Valuations are high, many new properties coming on to the market are selling like hot cakes,' said Christopher Hall, president of the National Association of Estate Agents, who predicted annual price growth of 5 per cent." I know of numerious properties which this man has valued at rediculous prices which has not sold, and are now with other agents at reduced prices or are still on his books. Here is a small sample: "PROPERTY OF THE WEEK 08.09.05 DONT MISS OUT (to quote the add) ye
  7. I find it amusing the agents are advertising when they have actually sold a property! personally I would be furious if I was trying to sell and my agent had'nt advertised my house, but had decided to advertise these they had sold. Further up the scale of irritation is STC similar required - no mention of the fact the its taken in one instace that I know of 18 months to sell one of these particualar properties.
  8. What utter twaddle! Please just own up to being a VI for rightmove, then at least we know there is someone who we can directly communicate with! This is the main web site for property but rightmove are have been proved not to care about ensuring the information listed is upto date and accurate. Rightmove seem incapable of policing their own site. I have found it amazing that there is no direct for ordianary members of the public to contact rightmovevia their website.
  9. Perhaps the agent was confused if its a semi or detatched! on the blub it says it detatched, even though there are obviously 2 front doors but, further down it says its a semi. Pherhaps the valuer needs to go on an identification course to destinguish between semi's and detatched. Well its one possible explanation
  10. Savills now listed on Rightmove! Rightmove are out to skew the average detached price again. See last 24 hours listings for your areas…. I have only looked at Cambs, Lincs and Essex. Am I cynical to think they may just have offered Savills an offer they couldn’t refuse to get all these expensive properties on their web site shortly before their floatation on the stock market, or perhaps is just coincidence! But what amazing timing for Rightmove. I wonder what the average price of a detached house will be next month? Savills used to be coy about letting Joe public view their properties,
  11. http://investing.reuters.co.uk/investing/f...S-EUROPE-16.XML
  12. Well you're entitled to your opinion. Personally I dont know all the factual numbers either, but, families living in bed and breakfast and poor housing unfortunaly is fact.
  13. The Wensum very rarely floods at this point. This is a massive development, but, at least these developers know a good area when they see one. They are not on their own however, as just over the road is Norwich City Football Club, where another enourmous development has been built on the Norwich Citys football clubs former car park. The football ground is constantly in use, training matches, events etc., and the lucky owners of both these blocks of appartments can join in the atmosphere of the events at the football ground without leaving their homes (the combined "oh's" as a goal is mis
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