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  1. righttoleech

    This is Theresa

    Brexiteers cheering the descent into oblivion.
  2. 'Basket case' style straight line drops in a currency are destabalising and dangerous.
  3. righttoleech

    Buy-To-Let Mortgage Rates Fall Again

    Some good news.
  4. righttoleech

    Primark Pensions Woes

    Nice to have control though.
  5. righttoleech

    City Am - Britain Needs More Landlords

    They forgot in their list of reasons for the expansion of BTL; years of abnormally low interest rates and vile levels of greed.
  6. righttoleech

    Economic Theory Not As Expected.....

    If they worked as per 'economic theory' pay and would stabalise around an equilibrium level.
  7. righttoleech

    Daily Telegraph Living In A Fantasy World

    Swivel eyed brexiteers go schizoid.
  8. Look at it this way. The euro is constantly described as a disaster especially by brexiteers. However the pound buys about €1.18 now compared to €1.60 when the euro was established. Weak as a kitten pound as ever.
  9. BTL.....destroying British society from within.
  10. I enjoyed Gary's weekly press conferences explaining how unlucky los chés had been again.
  11. righttoleech

    Btl Sobbing Starts

    Nice to hear other than gloating superiority from LLs. Bring on their squeeling.
  12. righttoleech

    Chancellor May Reset Economic Policy

    Prudence is not in the British nature. The debt was growing too slowly for many.....Let it rip...The weak pound holds no fears for brexiteers.
  13. Discussing this vile tabloid filth gives it credence that it clearly does not merit.
  14. righttoleech

    How “Amexit” Sent Shockwaves Through The Financial Markets

    Hopefully NOT a good example.Putin's forces not yet at our gates.
  15. I did not have the stomach to play the Cherie Blair interview. Her level of greed is not of course unique, but I consider it to be the symptom of a diseased brain.

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