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  1. Best person for the job, according to the Tories/
  2. Always glad to point and laugh at the brexit loons!
  3. She can carry on until parliament accepts the deal to leave the EU. It's either that or Remain and the Conservatives don't want to go against the 'will of the people ' do they
  4. A minority prime minister that doesn't have support of its own party? What right does it have to form a government?
  5. Total fantasy. We already had an election and it had no resemblence to the referendum. The mythical block of 17.4 milion doesn't exist and virtually non of them will vote for a jailbird. Democracy will be served by another referendum to confirm the reality and hence there will be no 'messing with democracy'.
  6. France has had street riots since at least 1968. It's simply normal for them. Germany is still the world industrial powerhouse. What exactly is bad about theses countries that makes you think they are falling apart? Bombing, street riots, economic and political disaster zone.. that's the UK today. Actually it's the whole world and you are going to have to accept its changing for the worst. Good luck with finding a better life in the sunny uplands. May's EU deal is the harsh reality of the best we can get, does that look better than the deal we have?
  7. She's so terrible it's almost admirable... but the Conservatives still consider her the best person for the job.
  8. Long history of the French doing this. No relevance to Brexit.
  9. I'm still sure they will be happy when we ****** off
  10. I'd say revoke A50. And negotiate more. Saves May's **** as nobody will want to replace her. Total sucess from her viewpoint.
  11. It's impossible and against EU's constitution to eject a member. There was never any chance that we couldn't revoke article 50. We are still a member until we choose to leave. You are right about UK rule taking. We can restrict FoM and tell the EU to get stuffed. They can't do much about it. Cut our budget.. lol.
  12. The decision is Parliaments to make, not the minority government's. My deal or no Deal. ..right. Another act of contempt for democracy by Teresa May.
  13. The EU wants Brexit over and done with so there are no uk MEP's standing in the upcoming election.

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