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  1. You'd made an excellent Islamic suicide bomber, they don't believe that life in this realm is important when there is an eternity in Heaven to look forward to. Better get it over and done with as soon as possible, eh?
  2. It took a British campaigner in Spain 10 years to get the country to treat EU citizens on an equal par with Spaniards on CGT. Now the UK is out they will find a way of taxing the British to death. One way is their concept of the price of a property, your claimed, documented figure and the 'real' quite different figure used to calculate the tax bill. One take on this that you should NEVER buy property abroad, its far too risky.
  3. https://www.navylookout.com/why-relocating-trident-away-from-scotland-is-virtually-impossible/
  4. They leave over several years and are a small percent of the HK market. But you might be right.
  5. Its a F^^^ sight more important than whatever Miami is doing.
  6. From discussions, I've read before, its a non-starter. Cumbria is the only option. Or possibly a US naval bas.
  7. Average HK'er will be selling a $900K property to move here. There will be a brilliant house price boom
  8. I cannot post the article as its firewalled, but apparently someone is creating tether and buying bitcoin which is ramping up the BC price. Its not II's buying BC.
  9. No, that is a Red Line for the SNP: the nuclear bases must go. They are too close to the cities. UK will have to stump up the £40bn to relocate them, probably near Seascale.
  10. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-01-14/research-affiliates-quant-warns-of-bitcoin-market-manipulation
  11. Brexit party, Brexit government and Brexit PM "getting Brexit done" and its not the Brexiteers fault.. We Brexiteers are being blamed for the problems we warned about In reality, fault lies squarely with the Government and poor planning How did the Government not anticipate what many Brexiteers saw coming as it rushed through an eleventh-hour deal? , , As if this was not all bad enough, the UK has signed up to level playing field provisions which it is required not to regress from. Financial services remain a particular area of concern too. As reported by City A.M.
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