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  1. There is very little tank on tank action so far, the issue is "true armour" is being run down, good for NATO, then. But you are right, a t62 takes just about the same effort to destroy as any tank if using artillery or missiles. The weakening of Russias supposed mass tank reserves is all well and good, but the Ukrainians are losing at this stage and not enough artillery is being sent. I hope more is happening on the quiet but not feeling confident that the Ukranians won't get encircled.
  2. The are thousands of officials in positions of power who are as much if not more aggressive in Russia's war on democracy. Thinking that Putins death will change Russia is wishful thinking.
  3. Russia speaks, Russia lies. If you can provide evidence to back up Russian claims I'd have something to disprove.
  4. Well, they would say that wouldn't they. Shipments ard delivered by truck, so one truckload?
  5. Dead bulls are not much of a problem. Russia has less that 20 ships, currently hugging the Crimean coastline sink them, then a couple of submarines and the blockade will be over.
  6. Could call it corruption or a finely tuned system of skimming. Much like capitalism, 10% profit for the suppliers. But instead of companies everyone takes their share. The higher you are the more you can take, however exceed your acceptable take and you will be punished. This is why Russians do not object to their leaders getting rich. Its expected. It comes with the position.
  7. Until the age of 21 the human brain is not fully developed. He shouldn't be treated like an adult or expected to behave like one.
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