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  1. The UK capitulated to the backstop last year. The leavers were too ******ing stupid to realise at the time
  2. In 50 years some of the most Brixit areas will be underwater.
  3. Could Russian Trolls please express their vested interested in destroying the Capitalistic West before posting threads like this.
  4. Its not going to be Mays or the Tories who decide, either Parliament or referendum. EU will remove the border Ireland, no matter what, so no deal isn't a problem to them.
  5. Can of beer costs 2p to manufacture . Vodka 18p. All plus packaging and UK tax.
  6. Gravy, Rock the Kasbah. Never happened. Bring it on, with the Unicorns.
  7. Peter Hun

    The Rise Of The Russian Bear Thread

    19.8% of the votes. The other parties got 80.2%. Russian electoral maths, eh?
  8. Peter Hun

    Another Russian Spy?

    Independent allows a Putin apologist to give her personal opinion. Its not the Independent.
  9. Got any cake recipes for the bread eating proles?
  10. Similarly, the hundreds of thousands who lost their homes and were left with a years wage worth in debt that took over a decade to clear will conclude that your are an idiotic tosser.
  11. Even if was that cheap, 2X 15% interest rates is one hell of a lot of take home pay
  12. Clutching at straws doesn't deserve a serious answer, sorry.
  13. QFT. Using Luxumberg as an example of anything is ridiculous beacause 60% of the workforce live outside the country.
  14. Mood in JLR is pessimistic. Redundancies and a production move abroad is possible. Situation already dire for support staff https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/jaguar-land-rover-shutdown-brexit-15259791

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