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  1. Factory built houses are quite common, the idea of moving a huge robot to plant bricks seems a little pointless when you can do it more efficiently in a factory. For instance, https://moduloft.co.uk/ completed loft extension dumped on you roof as one piece.
  2. Random surveyS gives a accurate estimate when you have millions of infected.
  3. Short term lenders lend at an annual rate of £5billion, that level of funding comes from institutions. Lenders, such as ours have a duty to maximise the return to our funders. Thats why we appoint project managers, surveyors, asset managers, security, builders, receivers, solicitors and what else we need to finish projects and sell the assets for the best return. I've never heard of an 'unfinished lump' being sent to auction, it would be stupid to do so, for the borrower, lender and funder.
  4. I didn't say or suggest that. I said BTL is charged at too low a rate for the risk. Bridge lenders finish the development and get their money and profit back
  5. Wouldn't matter would it? It a loan based on the property and the properties income on a commercial basis. Property isn't primary residence so can be snatched back at any time. As long as the LTV is low, the lender shouldn't make a loss.
  6. 1% actually. There is a significant difference, Bridging is 12months max (with extensions due to unexpected issues), normal mortgages are much longer and funded differently. I don't understand why lenders like BTL, its high risk, low reward.
  7. There is the theory that people are storing the virus in different organs of the body (similar to HIV) which periodically re-attacks them, hence the long recovery time. Nobody is sure if you couldn't get reinfected by someone in this condition. Just a theory, because nobody know.
  8. The Lancet has made one of the biggest retractions in modern history. How could this happen? The now retracted paper halted hydroxychloroquine trials. Studies like this determine how people live or die tomorrow
  9. If you have be tested positive for COVID you cannot get life insurance, at least for the next year. This is what my wife was told when she applied. There seems to be a consensus among the insurance companies that there could be a significant long term health risk, presumably by looking at SARS (40% have health issues) and MERS recovered patients. This may also explain the reaction of governments around the world, there is a massive unknown about the permanent damage to health that may result to a significant portion of healthy people, maybe not 40%, more like 5% (is being reported). A lot of unhealthy dead weight to support.
  10. Nope, let them get on with and ****** the country even more. Hopefully it will be their voters who suffer most.
  11. Government announced 4th July as pub open day a couple of weeks ago.
  12. There could be a good reason why non discrimination doesn't apply on the US-Australia trade deal. Australia undercuts American farmers and exports Beef etc to America. The opposite to what is expected in the UK-USA deal. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Australia–United_States_Free_Trade_Agreement#Agriculture
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