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  1. Watch the UK take the brunt of job losses and gain no new electric car plants. Honda Turkey makes 38k for the local market,presumably to avoid import tariffs.
  2. Yes there is lots of delusions on this thread. However, there is the reality that the Japanese are moving car production out of the UK. Where is the sunny uplands of jobs moving to the UK because of Brexit?
  3. You will be fine, just buy an Aston Martin, they won't be affected by Brexit so you would have them on your boycott list.
  4. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.com/news/amp/business-44802666 Says 112billion.
  5. Well that's wrong as well, UK exports to the USA are 112billion per year. It seems our government is attempting to ******** us.
  6. And it only covers 9% of UK exports to the USA. How is this good news, except to emphasise that 90% of our exports to the USA are under threat.
  7. The loss of 100k care workers by the introduction of a £30k minimum wage for immigrants will certainly have that effect.
  8. That's ********, what is that website you are quoting?
  9. A technicality, it's the UK's choice. However, revoking and restarting A50 again will be massively in UK's favour as it takes the pressure off and puts it on the EU.
  10. All those dementia patients and boomers survived the Blitz didn't they? They can do without caregivers, remind them of harder times.
  11. We aren't going to leave the EU in 45 days.
  12. GrizzlyDave is a Russian Puppet. More sucess for the F*** Business Tory wing - https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/feb/09/brexit-uk-companies-discuss-moving-to-netherlands
  13. Another Brexiteer with his head up his ass.
  14. It sure will become about money when it's taken away from them.

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