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  1. I asked if you were a policeman because you said you'd searched houses . If you sold a £500K house and bought gold with the proceeds, as was advocated earlier in this thread, you'd have about ten kilos of gold to hide in a rented house, or take your chances with George Michael's dog.
  2. I think that the average insurance company would impose a prohibitive premium if you wanted to insure 5Kg of gold hidden in the house or buried in the garden and if you did insure it, it would be on record.
  3. Easy, just roll it up and stuff it under your jacket.
  4. You can insure the house, but not the gold. Do you really think that a river of gold would still be there after the emergency services left the premises?
  5. Are you a policeman? Okay for a few ounces perhaps, but not a few kilos, what if the house burned down?
  6. Each to his own, I'm not going to risk any of my saving on the stock market. I don't mind losing a small amount to inflation, but I'm not risking the lot on the SM. Remember Rolls Royce, GEC etc.
  7. Far better to lose a small amount to inflation than a large amount to house price deflation.
  8. If you think house prices are going to go up, buy one, but I think they've got another 30%+ to drop over the next few years, so I'll leave my money in the bank doing nothing earning 4% interest.
  9. No, with hindsight, I'd have done much better winning the lottery.
  10. Go get 'em tiger, hit them over the head with a sock full of Krugerrands.
  11. The thought of goldbugs wandering around London, dodging the multitude of security cameras, burying little packets on Hampstead Heath, only to find that George Michael's dog digs them up thinking they're bones. Hilarious .
  12. Yeah, right. 50 X £5000 cash transactions to get £250K worth of gold, and then you walk around London hiding it .
  13. If you buy a significant quantity they record your name and address. "What gold" may work for a few thousand, or even tens of thousands of pounds worth, but serious quantities would be difficult.
  14. And if governments confiscate your gold? Lambs to the slaughter. http://www.the-privateer.com/1933-gold-confiscation.html
  15. Some people get a bit overexcited when there are large drops. Some of them are desperate to buy and are priced out, but their time will come in a few years when sentiment has changed and prices are down by another 30%+ . To be honest, monthly figures are not very meaningful on such small volumes. As a matter of interest, have a read of what the mainstream press had to say last time... http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/wiki/Read_what_the_Newspapers_were_saying_last_time_around
  16. I'm seeing 20% reductions on some suitable houses, was almost tempted to place an offer of 25% below current asking price on a couple, but it's still a few years too early so I'll sit tight and watch.
  17. I'm currently getting 4% on my savings. It'll probably drop to 3% next year though.
  18. Rates on hold at 0.5%, QE figure unchanged. http://www.bankofengland.co.uk/publications/news/2010/084.htm
  19. Of course they can sell their houses. Okay, so a house won't sell at say £300K, but it would sure as hell sell for £1. The trick is to find an in-between price that it will sell at..... market forces .
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