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  1. tinker

    SJW meltdown

    There is no i in team apparently. Too many people can stifle and stymie. Groupthink. SJWs are teams of individuals that do this.
  2. tinker

    SJW meltdown

    Maybe the answer for all those Virtue Signalling Hand Wringers wanting to pay an extra !% tax for the NHS is for HMRC to offer and 'opt-in' extra tax payment - maybe give them a badge they can were so they can feel good about themselves. Do it also for refugees - opt-in to pay for and sponsor them.
  3. To be fair at the time of purchase you don't have much choice if the place you want to live in is sold that way. Happened to me with a new build, small fixed ground rent... but very annoying now having this attached to the property. Good that MPs are looking at it. Should not be a feature of selling a house.
  4. tinker

    SJW meltdown

    The expansion of higher education has a lot to do with the rise of the SJW and Snowflake Generation. Too many lacking critical thinking skills and too much groupthink. Students of today are so far removed from those of yesterday, in terms of what they got het-up about and challenged. This notion of not being able to lose, not be wrong is immature. They are now spending 18 years in the education system and don't seem to be progressing.
  5. Noticed tins of tuna at Aldi today 160g (used to be 185g). Slightly lower price. Is 160g the new standard size? If like the cans of lager shrinking 500ml to 440ml expect prices to creep back up after initial fall.
  6. The moutachioed chap from Austria probably did better.
  7. tinker

    SJW meltdown

    lispero wow! The whole Trump v the media is not wrong. White seems to be the new black.
  8. Commuting is not much fun, maybe in time remote working will get more traction. That leisure society we were once promised isn't going to happen. Quality of life is down the pecking order. Over coming years your NW Manchester commute is not going to get any better, the new Greater Manchester Authority about to hammer commuter routes in their pursuit of growth. Egos at work.
  9. Posted on the other, unmerged thread: Caught the programme... Making the problem about lack of supply, hoarding and drip feed by builders. First 'expert' (London School of Economics) bemoaning high prices, all about supply... no mention of course of role of banks and government policy! I don't think there has been a single programme addressing the real issue of why houses are unaffordable. House prices trebled in a few years under Labour. That was neither normal nor clever economically.
  10. There was a time when HPC would cover these programmes! On now, +1 9pm. Making the problem about lack of supply, hoarding and drip feed by builders. First 'expert' (London School of Economics) bemoaning high prices, all about supply... no mention of course of role of banks and government policy!
  11. tinker

    Will we leave the EU?

    The Referendum vote really was a once in a lifetime chance to escape the yoke of the EU political construct; get back to a trading relationship with our neighbours, whilst having a fully accountable legislature and independence as a nation. Similar with Trump in the USA, it feels like a last chance for change. Soon, the numbers and demographics will make the situation unredeemable (peacefully anyway). That our politicians can't be trusted is self-evident. They simply weren't prepared for the result, and now we see an implacable move to water down Brexit. Leaving without leaving - for our own good. Benefits no-one really except those calling the tune, making hay, whilst making our lives harder, less pleasant. Dithering over Article 50 has not helped.
  12. tinker

    Carney is staying....

    I mean in terms of strong leadership. Yes, I agree selling off council housing was a very bad idea, and is at the root of our problems. Major let a crash happen; yet Brown and New Labour did much worse than Thatcher in not reversing her actions, being deceitful about regulation and real inflation, and pumping up the mother of all bubbles... until Osborne. It has always been unsustainable, however there are moments when a new direction can be set.
  13. tinker

    Carney is staying....

    FT is and has been full-on anti-Brexit, of course they are bigging up their man. He simply needs to go. It is equivalent to 2010 when Osborne had the chance to distance the Conservatives from the Labour housing bubble and allow the correction. He goes now and it is a sign that things have changed and priorities are different; that May has balls - like Thatch!

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