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  1. I'm just arguing for the sake of arguing really. I gave up with this forum a long time ago!
  2. The computers would drop the speed right down on all vehicles so that risk of death was unlikely. Lets face it the only risk there is idiots still trying to do 90 in appalling conditions. Also the computers will have radar or some form of sonic sensing for vehicles in front. You only have sight.
  3. http://www.katebelgrave.com/2017/10/we-housed-a-homeless-family-back-in-the-flat-theyd-just-been-evicted-from-landlord-decided-hed-get-more-from-a-nightly-let/ On voracious landlords getting as much money as they can for nightly lets: I can see where this is going. The relatively short term and insecure "assured shorthold tenancy" is going to be considered highly secure in the not too distant future and a distant ambition of tenure!
  4. I was in Wickes a few weeks ago looking for new flooring for my Council flat. Place was completely deserted for a Sunday morning.
  5. I don't mind either. Though I was thinking more electric (push) bikes.LOL!
  6. The future will be electric bikes not cars. Some people in this country are in for such a shock. This country will be too poor for expensive German machinery.
  7. well I'm 61. Retirement age is now 66. So not entirely immune, as I reckon it will increase further before I eventually reach retirement age. Had to point out to an old biddy the other day that when she was my age she'd been fully retired for a year on full pension. Still not happy though
  8. I know. I spent ages googling over the weekend trying to find where my grandad lived in Leeds in the 60's. We went over every weekend in my dads Wolseley 1500. Indeed my grandad worked at Briggs quarries. That still sticks out like a sore thumb, though quarrying stopped a while ago. But whilst I was looking, Leeds has some really fantastic suburbs. I suppose my grandads place above would originally have been City Council housing. The shared communal space and gardens is tremendous. In some respects you can see why NIMBY'ism is so popular as modern developments can't hold a candle to above.
  9. RIGS = Rental Income Guarantee Not to be confused with a RIGGED market Our feudal overlords have a sense of humour after all
  10. Post Christmas and next rent quarter should be interesting. I might start taking bets!
  11. Totally off topic. But I was looking for where my grand dad lived in Leeds in the 1960's and found it between Headingley and Horsforth. The City has some fantastic art deco estates.
  12. The Guardian has always secretly liked Tory rent seeking from property whilst constantly pointing the blame of "tax dodging corporations and the so called 1%." Its own tax affairs and corporate organisation don't bare too much scrutiny.
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