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  1. If this country descends into a fascist dictatorship then house prices will doubtless be affected.
  2. The police should not be allowed to stop and search anyone without a good reason. The end does not justify the means and we risk becoming more of a police state than we already are. Giving the police Covid powers did not help. If the police tried to search me, I'd insist that they first arrest me and when they find nothing, I'd press charges for false arrest!
  3. It's the obvious thing to do, but it comes across as patronising and uncaring when they come out with it like this. I'm all for them coming out with this stuff, the more nails they drive into their coffin, the better.
  4. Minister says people 'take on more hours' at work or move to a 'better paid job' to protect themselves from cost of living surge | Politics News | Sky News Another of BJ's finest shows her true colours.
  5. Priti Patel permanently lifts restrictions on police stop and search powers to tackle violent crime | UK News | Sky News Another step closer to a fascist dictatorship . These are not Tories!
  6. Austria Becomes the Latest EU Country to Lift All of Its COVID-19 Entry Rules - SchengenVisaInfo.com
  7. Odds that are good enough for me not to hesitate in telling the vile BJ what he can do with his vote winning (because that's all he cares about) jabs program.
  8. Do these figures come from the government? The one run for the benefit of BJ and his acolytes?
  9. I can only speak for myself, but in my case you're wrong again, you're not having a good day, are you?
  10. Lol... My honest reporting of the personal opinions of my French friends has really got you goat .
  11. I was quoting the opinions of my French friends, one of whom happens to be a nurse, on Covid, what is dishonest about that?
  12. You forgot the pure mind numbing hatred that comes from having to watch that idiot BJ babbling away on the TV, trying to save his worthless skin.
  13. No. I front loaded it because I had to wait 8 years for my state pension, which made sense at the time and still does. Interest on capital should have been, and was in the early years of retirement, by far my largest source of income and hopefully will be again.
  14. Nor's mine, I bought an annuity at 7.5% in 2008. Everyone said I was mad at the time, but I now have my money back.
  15. I retired 14 years ago and have been living off pensions, and interest on capital. My net worth is a smidge more than it was the day I retired and I have 14 years less to spend it, so it's working out okay.... Mind you, a hefty increase in IRs would be very welcome.
  16. I could probably cook a 24oz T-Bone steak for 30p, because I like it very rare, but gas is going up all the time so maybe not next month.
  17. We're holding back on using our ISA allowances this year in the hope that rates will rise substantially between now and April 2023.
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