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  1. What makes me laugh is the shameless way that the BJ government is trying to blame the fuel shortages on Covid, rather than Brexit.
  2. Local Tesco superstore came up trumps today. Five minute wait and I filled up my car with £60 worth of diesel at an uninflated price .
  3. Brexit, authoritarianism, house price ramping and downright incompetence, I disagree with all of them.
  4. I just checked our cars, both about 1/4 full, the point where I always refuel, so we need to go and get in a queue or drive around trying to find somewhere open and use up what little we have left. Damn this useless government.
  5. 77th Brigade: Their Role and Current Activities - Overt Defense
  6. Getting Brexit done was achieved by lies.....clue..... Ireland..... and now the lies are coming home to roost. Answer? Replace the liar and re-run. 12 biggest Brexit election lies - InFacts
  7. The instigator of 21st century authoritarianism. Started by Blair, imitated by Cameron, May and BJ .
  8. It's always interesting to watch the awkward looks on the faces of our TV news anchors when they get instructions, in their ear from their producer, to end the interview now because their guest is straying from the required government line.
  9. She who served her apprenticeship as a No 10 SPAD in the Blair era.
  10. BJ is an opportunist, he sees a political opportunity and runs to the front of the queue shouting "follow me". What a worthless piece of shite!.
  11. One man's meat is another man's poison. Personally I'd rather be dead.
  12. That mankind will need two injections per year to lead a normal life?
  13. My vaccination status is private, but if I were to be unvaccinated, continued badgering, bullying, coercion, nannying etc would only serve to put my back up as it probably will with the five million odd, unvaccinated by choice, adults in the UK.
  14. In nature, immunity is the answer, and studies are showing that natural immunity is superior to vaccine immunity. Natural Immunity and the Covid Vaccines - WSJ
  15. Surely it goes without saying that if you stay in your house you won't get the virus. Although, that would not be my choice. Some are even suggesting that Covid could be a good thing.
  16. So are you climbing down on your "It could be argued that by refusing the vaccine you are guilty of self-harm something the govt is legitimately entitled to address" statement which implies that mandatory vaccination is on the cards?
  17. A bit like "It could be argued that by refusing the vaccine you are guilty of self-harm something the govt is legitimately entitled to address"?
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