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  1. Thanks for your response. So a house sale can go ahead perfectly despite a unique tittle number already being in place at the land registry? Is this what typically happens with just new builds (a new unique title number is created by the land registry after purchase of such a new build)? Thanks
  2. Hi I have seen a property where the owners of a property have built a new house on the end of their plot (so there will be 2 houses on the plot). Planning permission from the council etc. seems to have been obtained and the new house has NHBC guarantees and their are firm architects plans filed with the council. However I believe they are in the process of setting up a new title number, deeds and splitting the 2 properties under the Land Registry (the existing property from the new build house). If permissions have already been obtained from the council for the new house to be built (to meet buildings regulations), how long would it take for the separation of the new house with regard to a new title number, deeds.... take on average for such a project? If anyone has any experience of it. Thanks a lot,
  3. Hi, Has anyone had an issue regarding this when purchasing a house. Vendor has removed a wall to enable an open plan kitchen / living room area. Not a structural supporting wall, but appears no buildings permission was taken. I believe buildings permission is needed? Heard this is common and ways to address are either taking an (1) indemnity policy out or (2) applying for post-work approval for the work. Has anyone experience of (1) and (2) in terms of costs and experiences? Thanks
  4. Hi, Had an offer accepted in March on a house and have been working towards purchase of it. Currently had all my searches, survey and mortgage offer confirmed. Still working on contract (exchange of contract date not set yet). Little bit unsure on how to manage the following in terms of timing - agent/solicitor either a bit useless or not able to advise: (1) Arranging home buildings & contents insurance for start of exchange of contract date. (2) Arranging life insurance/critical insurance cover for start of exchange of contract date or completion date? (3) Trying to ensure everything works that isn't covered in survey/contract (e.g. central heating, boiler, electrics etc.). (4) When to check meter readings (e.g gas,electric), as don't want to be paying too much in terms of bills from vendor's usage. (5) Ensuring I get/know about all the keys in the house(may not know about some e.g. certain windows may have a separate key) on completion date. Advice would be most appreciated. Thanks
  5. Hi, What are the highest mortgage to salary ratios have you seen? And actually offered?
  6. Hi, Anyone had recent experience of Barclays/Woolwich mortgages? Their website calculations seem to suggest they can lend up to 5.5 times your income. This seems high versus other lenders. Anyone know other lenders that lend this much?
  7. Thanks. In terms of crash, do you think this is true for London property as well?
  8. Hi, Had an offer accepted on a property where I am not in a chain and the vendor was/is in a chain (he'd found a property on the other side). Has come to light the vendor has pulled out of the property he was wishing to buy and according to the agent still wants to proceed with the sale of the property of his current house to me. Is this unusual? Should I be expecting to be get dropped soon? Any advice appreciated Thanks
  9. Hi, Am a first time buyer with good deposit (25%-30%) Is there room for negotiation on small (say only a block of 3 houses being built) new build developments houses in London? Is it better to negotiate on extras in the house rather than on asking price or both? Anyone have any experience of this? Thanks
  10. Hi, Am a first time buyer with good deposit (25%-30%) Is there room for negotiation on small (say only a block of 3 houses being built) new build developments houses in London? Is it better to negotiate on extras in the house rather than on asking price or both? Anyone have any experience of this? Thanks
  11. Any thoughts about this house? http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-37188709.html?premiumA=true
  12. Hi, Can anyone give an insight into living in Haggerston. Is it an area that is over-hyped (for being good). Or is it a genuinely good place to be? Any advice appreciated Thanks
  13. Hi, Have been looking for a house in London for around/below £400k. Have grown up in London and work and am often in the City of London/West End. Other than some places around Wanstead/Snaresbrook, find that anywhere that has a kind of a villagely feel (with the perks of good high streets...) are far and few. Am looking at nice areas just outside of London now as well, but am not that well-versed with areas like Hampton Court and Kingston - they look beautiful, but of course am looking for details from people who actually know. I think Hampton Court/East Molesely looks fantastic but seems expensive (with few low priced houses coming up) plus the train service seems not as good, important givens it further out than Kingston. Love the villagely feel. Kingston looks to have better commuter links, more shops... which is good, but does this mean it will lose the heritage/villagey feel similar to many parts of London? My budget is around 400k for 2-3 bedroom house and would want to live within 5mins from the nearest rail station. Grateful for any advise. Also are there any other areas that anyone recommends? Thanks
  14. Thanks - does that sound like a sealed bidding process to you? What has been proposed to me.
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