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  1. If it's Thornhill then it is probably ex council, but still a huge leap in the right direction. Not too long ago that sort of property was being offered at about £150k.
  2. Totally agree. BOE will probably take a watch and see approach this month, but a cut would not surprise me at all.
  3. Very sorry to hear this, my thoughts are with you.
  4. Brilliant MT. Bet that some of the staff were getting a bit twitchy, especially the ones who joined last as they will be the first to go. Won't be long off either. Strange how people always think their area will not be affected though. The amount of times I've heard people say that "this are will never go down because of the school, or the university, or the beach, or easy access to the motorway," etc etc.
  5. Thankfully my car is just below that threshold. Glad I sold the TVR when I did though.
  6. Where I live on the South Coast the supply of properties coming onto the market for sale and for rent have both been increasing steadily so their argument is flawed.
  7. But this can't be right, Darling and Gordon said in flation was under control at about 2%!
  8. Yep, the BoE is now the largest and most inept sub-prime lender the world has ever seen.
  9. If he thinks it is going to slow down now while it is 'fundamentally strong' whatever the hell that means. What does he think will happen when it really goes t'ts up?
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