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  1. What the hell are the Government up to ? As far as I can see , all this scheme is doing is getting people into more debt ,while possibly increasing house price inflation . Why doesn't a mainstream politician admit that house price booms are inflation . Nothing more,nothing less ? If HM Government wants to increase home ownership ,the best way is to let the housing market crash , so that young people can afford to buy at a cheaper price and have lower debt . On the other hand of course , the more debt we are in , the more hours we have to put in at the workplace ,and the more compliant we become with the bosses ever increasing demands to work faster . I think I have just answered my own question
  2. Hi Not sure if this is the righ place to post , if not ,feel free to move . I am having problems with property be . It's as if it isn't there ,and the toolbar doesn't function . I recently downloaded the version and wondered if that could be the problem . any ideas anyone ? Cheers Tim
  3. Hi Gang Hope this is the right place to post this (Haven't been on here for a while ,so it's like being a "newbie" again) . Channel 4 tonight (8 o'clock , I think) a programme about "Landlords from hell" . Got to be worth a watch !!
  4. One piece of advice I have to offer , given your position of having nothing to sell , is to be prepared to walk away . There will always be other houses , and remember that to a desperate seller a first time buyer is like Gold dust . When I was buying I saw a house (which was very nicely decorated , but only 2 bedrooms) offered for £145,000 . I offered £120,000 and was refused . The EA , smarmingly said to me "What are you going to do now ?" I said "look for something else . That didn't impress him !!! The following day I put an offer in for a 3 bed house , that needed work , but had a nicer garden for £120,000 (It was originally up for £150,000) . We negotiated ,and I got it for £123, 250 . Remember , a house(or anything) is worth what someone is prepared to pay for it , no more no less
  5. Here is the whole problem in the private rental sector . The tennant can be thrown out after a set period of time . Anyone who has the misfortune to have to rent privately (which is , I believe , a large percentage) is as good as homeless . They have no security of tenure ,and are at the mercy of the landlord . It always makes me laugh when I hear private landlords whime that "The law is all on the side of the tennant " . What a joke !!!!
  6. Will soon be on the "property ladder" again Yes , many people are still using that irritating phrase . Am I turning into a bull ? No way !! I still believe that house prices have a fair way to fall . Why am I buying ? Because I am fed up renting ,and want to own again . The mortgage is 350 pcm LESS than my rent , so it makes sense for me . Just for the record , the house was last purchased by a company of "property developers" with a sitting tennant . The tennant became too old to look after himself and has gone to a rest home . The company paid £138,000 in 2007 (in April,I think) It was advertised for a tad under £150,000 in September . I have purchased for £123,250 . Before I found this site I too believed that property was a good bet , I held out ,and now have , what I believe is a bargain . Top marks to HPC ,long may this site continue !!!! Ps , I now have a mortgage ,and am terrified LOL
  7. She is now moaning abour "Gazundering" Isn't this the "Free market" that her precious Tory party (and the rest of the mainstream parties) think is so wonderfull ? God ,I am getting angry now
  8. She's on after the break BTW , she is now officially a "Property Queen " LOL
  9. Where is she ? Something about sunglasses at the moment . I am waiting for the moment she appears :-) KIRSTY , RAH RAH RAH !!!!!!
  10. You really "hate" her ? I was told you have to respect someone 1st , in order to really hate them . To me ,this woman is not worth hating , I find her far too entertaining LOL !!!!!
  11. She's taking calls , and Emails C'mon fellow HPC'ers , this is our chance to talk to this "Property expert" Wonder if they sell hats in the ITV canteen ?
  12. House prices on on their way back up !!! It's true , it's on "This morning " at 10.30 today . Krusty is making an appearence . She will tell us the way to go ,and give us an insight into the way the property market is going . I have set my recorder
  13. Thatcher just used Hillsbro as an excuse to stick the boot further into the working class . It was not the fact that there were terraces that killed 96 fans that day , it was the fact that they were caged in and unable to escape onto the pitch . There are lots of other stories involving the police and stewards ,but I won't go into that for obvious reasons . The Taylor report itself even said that terracing was not "intrinsically unsafe" . It would not have been better if Hillsbro had changed nothing , what was needed was safer terracing (this could have been achieved with lower attendance levels , and more barriers) , improved policing (IE ,stop treating every football fan as a criminal) and , most importantly , the rermoval of fences . All seater stadiums are not safer ,they are , infact more dangerous . In an all seater ground ,you are , in effect , trapped . If you had to get out quickly , and panic ensued , the consequences would be disasterous . As for all seaters causing the spiral in wages , when clubs put seats in ,they hiked the prices up . the higher wages went into the clubs , and into players pockets . Couple that with the increase in corporate sponshership ,and you get to where we are today .
  14. On a serious note ,I reckon this could just be the start . Football (especially the premiership) has been polluted with greed for years now . Back in the 70's my dad used to say "money has ruined the game" , he must be turning in his grave now to see wht has happened to it . In many ways , I blame the supporters themselves for buying into it . In my opinion the rot really started to set in when Thatcher used the Hillsbro' tradgedy as an excuse to push for all seater stadiums , this was nothing to do with safety , and everything to do with putting the costs up and pricing the working class out of the game . Prices soared ,and so did players wages . Added sponsership ,and the gradual corporate takeover of the game has added to the woes . I used to watch Saints regularly in the 70's and 80's , untill the prices started saoring in the 90's . Fans continuied to pay , all the time inflating the bubble . The bubble could now burst . 20 years , or so , ago ,this news about Saints would have sent me into a decline . This morning , I couldn't care less . Let them go under ,I say . They are not the club that I followed many years ago .
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