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  1. Oil still high i dont think there is much room for a reduction anybody think different.
  2. With the cost of the lower end of the market rising towards the stamp duty threshold of 125k i was considering taking on another BTL for a friend who is after a 3 bedroom as she cant afford to get on the housing ladder. The only BTL i have i purchased in 2005 for my sister i hope she can afford to buy of me later on. I could raise equity from both my properties to buy another. There are several properties here appearing in back gardens of properties here where owners have sold off their land many told me loads of money to be made.
  3. I watched How to be a property developer on 5 life last night couple of amteurs made 55k 11 grand a week. Turned over a dump in 5 weeks some poor ftb paid over the top for it. Glad it wasn't me.
  4. Election will have to be in May 2010 at latest So David Cameron will be in place in 2010 Conservatives have had constant lead in polls since his election as leader. Labour are a bunch of mindless idiots a shame i wasted my vote believing their lies in 1997. There may be a snap election when and i still believe if Brown takes over as Labour leader.
  5. Brown wont lose his seat as prime minister in 2010 he wont be prime minister David Cameron will.
  6. Yes new series of property ladder tomorow on channel 4 20.00 be good maybe educate some of the miserable lot here. Great program Bet none of the developers listen to her though.
  7. Makes a change i actualy agree with this post of yours.
  8. The crash was last year you can see it on the homepage we have now recovered that ground. We now have all the immigrants from Bulgaria and Hungary who will need housing and they have first priority. All us taxpayers will help support and house them and let them take jobs for £10 a day. Everybody who was stupid enough to vote Labour are to blame i for one am not one of them. I do however benefit slightly by having one BTL which i purchased for the benefit of my sister and have benefited in the rise of house prices and long will it continue thanks for all the blind Labour voters.
  9. My debt is definately more than 4 years ago owed just £43,000 then. I went into BTL and owe a bit more i will however make little should i sell my little BTL. I have no intensions to buy anymore BTL. This could be used as a pension for my wife as she dont have one or a house for my daughters to help them on the housing ladder later on if prices are still high. I just recently took action agains my endowment supplier i been offered £900 :angry: However it is only a small one suppose to pay£44,500 it been reduced to a target of £37,000 i need £35,000 so should be ok at moment.
  10. I have a BTL mortgage of around £88,000 house worth £115,000 IO mortgage. My own house mortgage of £61,000 house worth around £125,000. This is part endowment and repayment. My endowment will more than cover whats owed even with the shortfall so should beable to pay a bit off the BTL later on should i not sell it before.
  11. Be waiting a long time then been hearing that for years.
  12. IMO there is not going to be a crash there will only be these little mini crashes we have seen as on the graph on the homepage of this site. Working in a builders merchants i would know first hand if there was uncertainty as there would be a slow down for building materials perticularly on new build sites. As i said before bloors are doing well many are sold before completion and i still see many borowing out of equity to build extensions and other home improvements. I also see many of posters friends in my job (property developers) buying bits and bobs however i am not helpfull with discounts for them at the counter. I think there will just be stagnation in the market for a few years then it may start to pick up when wages and inflation eventualy catch up.
  13. That should teach him about paying over the odds for a new build i wouldn't touch them.
  14. Cameron would be careless if he advised tax cuts without knowing the economic conditions near the next general election.
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