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  1. Interesting point. There's certainly a lot of chain free & potentially very motivated sellers out there.
  2. Impossible to renationalise a water company when the political parties are sponsored by water companies. Politicians don't know much, but they know who they work for.
  3. By which time when they find out you are talking utter BS, you will be long gone with your hefty commision and in no danger of having your legs broken.
  4. Yes, you can face up to it can't you, you hero. And wouldn't that be big and brave of the government. Are you hoping for a cheap blowjob or something?
  5. Well I'm from a good working class background - the working class were not poor in any sense when I was a kid. I'm no proletarian but I'm unlikely to end up worth as much as my dad, although he had no qualifications and I've got plenty. I expect I will continue to be obliged to sell my labour for a living, therefore my politics reflect the best interests of my class and my children. So I'm certainly no Labour supporter.
  6. Man that's harsh! He must have thought he was better connected / protected than he actually was. Mortgage fraud has been de facto legal in the UK for a long time. I would not like to see the perpetrators getting 30 years when they all got the wink from the banks so they could lie about the quality of their loans for re-sale. The brokers were mere tools, outside the real operation.
  7. How is that in the least surprising. If we are dumb enough to get goaded into blaming the victims we will all be the losers.
  8. Exactly. Some have their (valid) reasons for taking an interest in "real terms" falls. I forget what but convincing if boring. A so called "real terms" fall is with flat wages a "real terms" affordability stretch. I am only really interested in actual nominal falls and can't be bothered to wet my pants over some theoretical relative movement.
  9. That must be why the most economically sucessful nation in Europe is phasing it out, while the post industrial land of super expensive cattle truck trains, massive debts and a growing slave-proletarian mass is going nuclear. Can't manage a piss-up in a brewery - hey, lets manage a few nuclear power stations and tons of toxic waste.
  10. I don't disagree, but as a macro economic policy it's not practical. The government only has it in it's power to raise public sector wages which represents a tax raise for everyone else. A better way to create inflation and put money in peoples pockets would be a QE funded handout to taxpayers, but then you would be left with the inflation when the handouts had to stop. Just raise wages and inflate is very easy to say, but I don't believe it is possible to do in even a half equitable fashion.
  11. Then why not try to make it so. Lets all shoot ourselves in the foot by letting BTL run riot just in case someone else gets something that we don't. Do you see how easy it is to divide and rule this nation. For fecks sake grow up!
  12. You would rather others do worse than you than doing better yourself. If there was sufficient at cost housing we would all do better. Try not to be so bitter over someone having a council house ffs! It's pathetic.
  13. Nothing big here. Foreign holidays down a mere 3%. Of those who are not taking a summer holiday, most probably never did, beyond maybe a summer festival or a long weekend camping. We know what the average wage is and what the cost of living is. What a surprise. I know historically some fairly slow witted people have held down jobs good enough to fund a good family holiday every year. That all belongs to a fading lost age. People are conditioned to believe that everyone, except perhaps them, is going on a fat holiday every year. They will even go into debt to belong to the club, but it's just not a reality for millions.
  14. Mod edit quote removed And yet you resent her rather unspectacular pay for an elected position. Why the rage? Is she defying some sort of genetic pecking order? Does she not work as hard as Billie Piper? Presumably you don't belong to her union, pay her wages.
  15. I realy wouldn't know. The renmimbi / yuan / whatever is pegged to the dollar. I have no idea what the mechanism is, but I am assuming this results in it's convertibility being constrained along with capital flows. I have never heard the rmb mentioned in connection with carry trading such as the Japanese yen, so my guess is, the China situation is contained and has little bearing on banking on this side of the globe. Maybe someone can put me right on this?
  16. Because having one child, they have been assessed as requiring a two bedder only? I don't think a claimant can just go shopping up to a certain budget. If they took a 3 bed, I would expect the benefit limit to stop at that for a two bedder anyway.
  17. The scheme is for council tennants and first time buyers (unspecified sort) if I read correctly. There is no requirement for a council tennant to be either unemployed or on housing benefit, although I would expect many working council tennants recieve in-work housing benefit. Quite what the point of this ridiculous and unwelcome scheme is from Wandsworths perspective it is hard to fathom. From our perspective it's pure poison.
  18. Please think do! You are suggesting they are providing housing benefit funded tennants with up to £50 000 as a deposit for a mortgage. Who is going to be providing the mortgage? Oh, on-costs. A little passe.
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