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  1. Globalisation baby. Costs far too high, let someone else do it better for less. Start at £28k with no qualifications? Gravy train over. As for it destroying the town, perhaps shouldn't have put all eggs into one shitty basket eh?
  2. They get robbed constantly by east europeans. Are you pale and smell of cabbage?
  3. Went through all the pics. At the end I was thinking about nuclear weapons although I didnt want to ruin the lawn.
  4. http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/208572-buying-back-the-right-to-buy-houses/ Sorry, blame Sarah.
  5. I remember starting my first job in 1996. I was on 16K start pa (good job tbf). But I couldve bought a 3 bed semi then for 16K. Same house in 2016, £110K I would be on 30K f I was still doing that job, Im on less now.
  6. http://forum.football365.com/images/smilies/
  7. Where the hell does it end?? Special 3 month IO mortgage product for stage 4 cancer patents. "I lived 4 months and now Ive got to pay for it "
  8. 1. Normal people would move back into London. 2. We could forget about Lord Sugar 3. Branches of Foxtons will close down 4. Middle class investors will rediscover risk Cant be bothered to ctrl v the rest, what a sh*t list.
  9. What got me what how crap the flats looked, especially the communal areas. As if no one had touched them since they were first built.
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