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Missing The Point As Usual


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In fairness I think he sees the point was surprising clarity.

We raise 60 billion for the third world. Hurray!

We then spend it for them on 60 billion pounds worth of 'green' manufactured goods they don't want.

The problem with the other stuff you mention is its hard for us to turn that into a way of paying ourselves.

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60billion fund to help poor countries with climate change. Not AIDS, malaria, drinking water, education or any other worthwhile cause, but climate change. :(


He is one of two things, a halfwit or a fvckwit, I can not decide.

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The lying twit wont be giving 60 billion to no one!

Hes just trying to reel in the greenies vote for the up coming election.......................that he's about to lose.

Good reading of it, that. It's simply an opportunity to tie a large number to something other than banks before the next election.

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Its typical socialist "look how nice we are" strutting.


A. he has no intention what so ever of delivering it

or If he is forced too

B. he just puts up out taxes to do it with.

Either way its no skin of that foreign twAts nose is it

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