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  1. Nothing, but this website doesn't impinge on any of them. Sibbers and Hamish on mse have more impact lol.
  2. A rude awakening would be finding out that rather than AussieBoy being someone with an opinion different to you he is in fact a member of an online sleeper cell sent out with the mission to undermine Housepricecrash.co.uk, a plan 5 years in the making. Get a life.
  3. Erranta, is that you? Come to think of it, the previous post even goes too far into conspiracy loon nonsense for him
  4. Yep, the skilled engineers should work for Network Rail then they would earn more than 40k and be getting a 5%+ rise in a few months themselves
  5. The reason none of you are getting 10%+ is that you can't even read. Signalling and clerical workers do not drive trains, nor does any Network Rail employee. And let's be honest, there's no difference between a signaller looking at a computer screen for 12hrs and an IT "expert", yet all the IT "experts" on here think they're worth 50 quid an hour
  6. no longer a uk resident have you got your specs on
  7. Have sold house in UK and moved to Oz, plan is for 4 years. Current exchange rate is terrible, so need to invest 40k in UK. Money is to buy a house when we come back so needs to beat rise in house prices, any tips on how to do it with minimal risk? ISA's and bonds are out as no longer UK resident
  8. There were some great raves in Prestwick Airport the last time it shut, bring it on
  9. If you and your friends have nothing better to talk about than house prices then in all honesty you need new friends.
  10. When you open an ISA online do they contact you or require you to sign anything by post? I left UK for Australia in February, my wife comes over 3rd April, our house is sold and goes through 1st April. I know you are supposed to be in the country and a UK taxpayer to open an ISA, but I haven't notified them I've left yet (waiting on P45 from employer) and my wife is obviously there just now. So if on the 2nd April I opened an ISA for my wife with the maximum amount and I and then invested the maximum amount again on the 6th April am I likely to come up against any obstacles?
  11. But then you're just as guilty as the BTL spivs, you are viewing a house as a method of making money rather than as a home. I like millions of other parents would rather not live with the threat of a landlord ejecting me and facing up to the impact it would/could have on my children, hence when in the UK I owned a home.
  12. In this case the Governor will have some credence when he says "unexpected".
  13. don't you watch the news? The last two man v crocodile battles in Oz have resulted in man getting away, all it takes is a poke in the eye, meanwhile crocodile steaks are still widely available
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