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  1. There were posters here back in 2007/8 saying that gold was the only safe place to keep your money. I believed them and followed through on what they were saying and through sheer good luck ended up in the situation you described. There have been other places to put money for safekeeping that have done even better of course. I could have had a much bigger house had I put the money in Apple shares - more hindsight... Edit: Hmmm. Just read my sig. Might need an update on the London front.
  2. Why don't you just offer what you think it's worth instead of continually dropping your offer every time they drop the asking price?
  3. With enough people on board, directors could be voted off by the majority shareholding public until the board is able to uncover any existing but hidden documents that could lead to a criminal prosecution of Fred Goodwin....
  4. Averaged out over the period I was renting with cash parked in gold, every pound spent on rent was more than covered by just over two pounds increase in the cash value of said gold. Now I own outright thanks to that increase, whereas if I had bought back in 2007 I'd still have a sizable mortgage to pay now and for the foreseeable future. I consider the rent I paid money well spent rather than money wasted, though I have to acknowledge a fair amount of luck came my way
  5. ^ This. Whatever their 'unnecessary' excesses (Sky etc), with the government response to banks (and the individuals therein) having validated theft and fraud as a justifiable means of increasing one's income, why should anybody else lower down the scale give a flying f*** about stealing supplies for their children, or just to improve their income so that they can get on with the things they enjoy doing, just like the bankers ?
  6. Thanks for reminding me to put some chocolate 'decorations' on the Xmas tree
  7. Me too. the only difference was that the second 'bubble'* grew so fast it overtook the first one, enabling to me to buy back into the first at a higher level (flat->house), swapping first to second and back again without the need for a mortgage or any additional cash * gold is not a bubble IMO, even if it has been pretty flat for the last few months
  8. It's a stepping stone, that's all. This sh*tty debt in the UK, in the US, the EU etc. owned by central banks can never be repaid. Luckily there is a global bank quietly waiting in the wings to take them all on once the public has been convinced this is the only option. There will be strings attached to this (of course) but the public will happily accept these when they are presented with that or the alternative of complete global collapse. These 'strings' will be what finally enslaves the world once and for all, and no-one will realise until it is too late. I want to go back to bed now
  9. Excellent piece! Wouldn't look at all out of place on the Daily Mash website
  10. I had the misfortune of having to visit a few years ago (before the crash there). O.H has a relative who works there so went along. Never again. Having said that water park was fun - the one that's a couple of hundred meters from the beach
  11. I'm not so sure about an upward trajectory, but then I bought to live in not speculate. Out of interest did you find anywhere in the area worthy of serious consideration whilst looking around ?
  12. The state doesn't give a shit about anyone. It cares only for numbers and votes which is why your independent 40yo voters aren't expected to move in with elderly mum/dad. The parents of a vulnerable young adult really should (care) as a matter of course, especially when all else fails. That was the point I was trying to make
  13. Hillingdon council do seem to be out for revenge but the basic facts are that regardless of the relationship between father and mother, the son does have a home he could live in at no cost to the taxpayer were the father and mother able to bury their differences for the sake of their child, who quite frankly should be their top priority. It may not be 'fair' but many would argue that there are those in far more difficult circumstances with far fewer options than these two individuals, who seem to be more concerned about themselves than a child with needs they are fully able to meet but unwilling to do so. This is not meant to be a justification for evidently vindictive behaviour on the part of the council but does need to be considered. The parents need to think very carefully about their priorities here otherwise they could easily be painted as indifferent parasites by the press.
  14. = 2 TRILLION shitey dollars annually. To quote another site regularly linked from here: "Gold Bitchez!" So glad I started buying again [braces for omelette constituents heading faceward...]
  15. Which part of Ealing are you in, and which are you looking to buy in? Having previously rented in the 'Fielding Triangle' (Boston Rd-Northfield Avenue-Elthorne Avenue) I agree totally with your analysis. While house prices seemed to drop a bit 2009-2010 they have bounced back with a vengeance since then. There has also been a huge number of loft extensions being added (especially more recently) as many people have chosen to extend rather than upsize, limiting the availability further, We spent 5 years there and never found a suitable 3 bed at the right price. In the end we opted for an extended 2 bed close by but definitely more Hanwell than Ealing. Unless you're targeting specific schools there are areas in (the borough of) Ealing where prices are more reasonable but I guess it depends on your specific needs. Anyway, good luck, and if you can, try and broaden your search criteria. You might be pleasantly surprised.
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