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  1. So at least 2 people have agreed on the price, but cant raise the money. Someone will buy it soon then.
  2. Amen to that! Its frightening how many gulible people belive it though isnt it.
  3. Changing things normally are done to improve things, this new skin however improved nothing. Its just ugly. The site was offline for me all of yesterday and I thought it looked better than the new layout
  4. The new lay out is nearly as annoying a putting 'discuss' at the end of a forum post!
  5. Its a dissgrace this country What they should do is agree the bill but explain they can only get the money when they sell their house Then put it on the market for 14 million
  6. Would haveing subscribers to their mag help because of the long term thing? Anyway they could hardly insist on dollars as no one here, of significant numbers has any.
  7. Actually what sibley said is true, there has been no sizeable crash, the tinfoil hat mongs are wrong about stoking up on food and gold. And, to be honest, house prices might be at 5 times salary from now on. 3.5 * salary was just an arbitary number
  8. I was expaling this to two muslim scholars a bit back, they fly around the world teaching Islam. I said because there is more than one faith and that atheists and agnostics have the same rights to their opinion then laws must disscount religion and be above it. They can still live their lives religiously, but when a religious rule conflits with a higher law (forced marriage for instance) then the law must take precidence becuase they are in place to serve everyone. They begrudgingly agreed................. which was nice
  9. Haveing a world government probably would be a good thing.............in theory However in practice it would be run by politicians who have constantly throughout the world and constantly throughout history, have proved they ar'nt up to the job, and pretty much just in it for personal gain. The smaller the goverment the better. Then at least that way, the f*ck ups will be smaller.
  10. So we cant listen to economic forecasters, but, we CAN listen to those in your - "the the ice caps are melting" thread? Curious!
  11. 2011? Cant we make it sooner please, we've been waiting to rebuild that wall for ages now
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