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  1. Much the same position here. There are things in life that are worth going "all in" for, and the prospect of doing so in order to move from a very pleasent semi in a genuinely very nice area to the absolute **** end of the freehold market in a considerably less pleasent area whilst at the same time increasing monthly costs noticeable really, really isn't one of them.
  2. I think I'll plump for very mildly negative. Something like -0.2 percent.
  3. Personally I'd do away with big "headline" composite indices, as these are pretty meaningless, and instead go for a series of smaller indices to measure changes in cost of living essentials and almost-essentials excluding housing (food, water, power, transport, mandatory indirect taxation), net pay (as if, after tax), non-essentials (home entertainment systems, holidays, injection-moulded plastic dogplops, etc.), and housing itself. To my mind, a major part of the reason we're in the mess we are at the moment is because inflation levels in different types of "stuff" have, over the last ten or so years, been all over the place, and have yet the dozy headline figures used have completely failed to pick this up. In terms of policy, if you could get all those indices going along together as smoothly as possible, you'd have a pretty well balanced system. Okay, it wouldn't be easy, and it would require a much more sophisticated approach than the Big Interest Rate Lever, but I suspect it would be well worth a try. If a single inflation rate is needed, then it's probably easiest to just think of a number and say it's that every month, as it would arguably be no less meaningful than the current system.
  4. Your attachment is working just fine. I was just being a little sarky regarding the last couple of month's figures of "zero, zilch, not a sausage, no new money".
  5. Any chance you could post the panel of experts?
  6. Out of interest, how much are said houses going for at the moment, and what is classed as a "good area"? Just asking because said statement can be classed as perfectly reasonable or outrageous fantasy depending on where you're looking to buy.
  7. If this takes off, it's pretty high order bear food, especially if they're priced to achieve high occupancy quickly. I seriously wouldn't want to be a leveraged BLTer competing with Aviva and friends.
  8. And her mother was completely wrong. Some people bring up a family on that salary plus considerable state benefits. They don't do it on the salary alone. (That said, yeah, she's clearly pissing a lot of money up the wall)
  9. I've just crapped my pants in sheer terror, and I don't even have said product!
  10. I agree on their accuracy relative to some of the other indices. They are, however, a bit of a historical document by comparison. My guess is we'll see the LR figures rise for a few months now as they start to reflect with Nationwide and Halifax were showing a few months back.
  11. If by that you mean "When will Daddy Bear rename himself to Daddy Bull?", I honestly have no idea.
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