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  1. "Warning"? As if wage inflation is or has ever been a bad thing. It's always been a good thing historically. In a time when everybody is being screwed up the bum without lube, wage inflation is at at least some small consolation. Even if you cannot afford the basics...
  2. If people understood what had been done to them, they would be very cross indeed.
  3. Capitalism just leads to wage and debt slavery. Workers and people at the bottom are treated like shit. The prices of things that people need skyrocket out of control as people put the prices up - look at the prices of healthcare, housing and education in the USA where capitalism runs rampant. Just look at what capitalists do during the pandemic - they increase prices of essential goods and hoard things. Capitalism leads directly to the worst of human behaviour. Marketplaces are good but we have very few genuine marketplaces that aren't corrupted. I'd like to see a functional labour marketplace. And apps like Uber and Just Eat do not let drivers bid. Capitalism creates fake markets. Everywhere socialism is tried it leads to misery and poverty. Partly due to outside interference such as the CIA. But workers need stronger protections and less working hours. Capitalism just leads to exploiting of people. We rent our time out for 40 hours a week to grind for 50 years to die. It's a fraud and only the people with money benefit.
  4. Frankly if you've got a house that is worth enough to pay for care, then you should sell it and pay for your own ******ing care.
  5. This is why more and more young people are checking out of the system. The game is rigged against them and everything is out of reach. And hard work is insanity, it doesn't pay off.
  6. I am more the belief that money should be earned through results or success. I also believe everybody deserves enough to shelter, food, bills. But we do not have a pro-citizen pro-business environment, we have an ugly mismash of everything. The amount of hoops you have to go through to apply for benefits, create a business, hire someone. Nobody has really thought it through and made it the bare minimum for minimum friction. Nobody has designed it to be easy.
  7. Remove the CGT exemption from property, that would raise a lot of tax. You would hear a lot of squealing too.
  8. Frankly why should anybody pay for her choices to breed with men that take off.
  9. I don't know how you can have an economy that is mostly financial ******ery and not actual technology and innovation. Unless we're exporting that ******ery outside the country, it won't make the country rich. Except those involved in it. The % of an economy that is finance shouldn't grow because it means it's pushing out other economies and industries. I think it goes earlier than Boris. But the ******wittery of the general public cheering it on just shows the stupidity of the general public.
  10. I hate it when others try speak for me. I'm more effective than the office goers and the oversocialized types. I don't want to commute an hour and half each way to work in an overly air conditioned office with bootlicking *****. Believe it or not on my LinkedIn there was a post decrying home workers as being selfish. What a mad world we live in.
  11. Marxism is openly bad because the stated game plan to introduce communism is to infiltrate every organisation there is and tear it down and replace it with communism. This is the long march through the institutions. Marxists are evil and want poverty for all.
  12. I'm so angry that useless people want to tax useful inventions to fund their worthless art. If people wanted their art, people should pay for it directly. If nobody wants to pay for it, then maybe it's worthless. Just another bunch of Instagram "influencers" in search of scamming the rest of us.
  13. The world economic forum have taken down their post about owning nothing and being happy.
  14. Also borrow more money. You haven't borrowed enough.
  15. The government wants obedient hive mind slaves. Get back to work and stop slacking you lazy fecker.
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