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  1. Homomorphic Encryption is a pipe dream at this point. It's also really inefficient. Use Hashicorp Vault and transparently encrypt all your traffic with auto generated certificates. This is fairly easy to do. That gets you most of the way there.
  2. I'm beginning to think, in its maximum cynicism that government and the powers that be want everybody to work until death. They don't want people living a slow life, doing what they want to do. They don't want people thinking, inventing, creating businesses. They just want you to work and shut up and work until you die.
  3. While you've been working hard, I've been dossing. You should feel bitter because work is a waste of time spent, except for earning money, it doesn't do you any good.
  4. Train fares would need to go up to pay for the increased costs in providing a service. (Ideologically the government has this theory that rail is meant to be supported by people who use it) House prices to go up because stupid people overbid on property plus banks lend increasingly stupid amounts of money on houses. Spare cash spent on bitcoin, car finance, conservatories, house deposits, BOMAD Debt levels go down as people pay down on debts.
  5. That's an incorrect use of the insult simps. Work is a waste of life.
  6. I have the same line of reasoning. When people waste all their money on housing, I can spend more freely.
  7. We need a trickle-up revolution. Cancel all benefits except universal credit, everybody is eligible. Shelter is a human right and should be free. Food, you have to work for to get. You don't have to work hard to feed yourself.
  8. It's more capitalist internationalism requires an underclass to underpay. So you have swarms of immigrants to underpay and increase inequality.
  9. Capitalist internationalism requires there be an underclass. It's not a good creed. I would distance myself from it.
  10. £194,995 for a three bed in the North does not strike me as value. You'll still be slaving all your life for it. Life is too short to work to buy a house.
  11. EU got caught with their pants down with the piss poor (read: nonexistent) plan to deal with covid and want to steal vaccines that are destined for the UK as punishment for leaving the EU. pathetic.
  12. If Nazis can be argued to be socialists, which I think they were, they fall on the left. Or at least at the beginning they were Socialists.
  13. Agreed with your perspective. I'm a bit annoyed by all the corporate ass kissers speaking for the WFH types saying everyone wants to return to the office.
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