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  1. 40 year mortgages are the work of the devil. Sure, your monthly payment looks lower, but as you start to increase the mortgage term, the amount of interest paid on the mortgage balloons. monthly payment total interest paid capital repaid after 5 yrs 25 years £528 £58,284 £12,902 30 years £477 £71,788 £9,558 35 year £443 £85,867 £7,261 40 years £418
  2. At least Keir Starmer gets it. All this fiddling in the house market only pushes prices up.
  3. 95% mortgages, stamp duty tax relief. It's almost like they don't want house prices to go down 🤣
  4. The recriminations will begin now. There's a huge volume of dumb retail money that bought into this at $300. These guys balls are in a vice now as the price will start falling as everyone realises the pump and dump is over with.
  5. That Peter Schiff interview tells you everything you need to know. Even he is saying that the silver price is (temporarily) irrationally exuberant. In fact, I see it's already given away half the gains it made after the initial pop. If you want to buy silver, give all this WSB rubbish a few weeks to blow over and the speculators will get bored and start selling their silver. The price is currently £20 spot, wouldn't surprise me if it goes to as low as £16 as this thing unwinds.
  6. There is already a wealth levy. Real inflation is running at about 3%, yet the interest on savings is often as low as 0%.
  7. I think the tax will come through depreciating the currency, rather than directly through income tax. People are going to be a lot more sensitive to tax increases than by allowing inflation to run at 2-3% while keeping rates at 0%. Also, look at the growth of M2, this chart is not recent, but you can be assured the the sharp upward trend extrapolates into the New Year, and likely further into March at very least - https://tradingeconomics.com/united-kingdom/money-supply-m2 Precious metals are up, house prices are up, stocks are up, even sh1tcoin is up. No one wants to be holding Ster
  8. Just got my NS&I December monthly interest payment yesterday of a whooping 10 pence. Closed my account there and then and took my money out. Been looking at the alternatives this morning. For a 1 year fixed period, the best rate offered is 1%, but it's with some Qatari bank and I am definitely not parking my money there for a 1% pittance. I can see why people are piling into Bitcoin, it's often going up by 1%, per day.
  9. Saudi Arabia is a third world country? Silly video.
  10. Had to bring the daughter to the dentist this morning after she cracked a tooth. Dentist said the tooth needs to be surgically extracted and she would need gas and air. Thanks to the situation with Brexit and the lockdown they have a shortage of gas and air with no ETA on when they are getting resupplied, no extraction possible until well into next January.
  11. The market solution is to open up the UK to competition from South American producers. Beef for example can be produced there 60% cheaper than the UK. The masses will get cheaper food, but British producers will not like it.
  12. Yea, we will get a deal, a very, very bare bones Canada-lite deal. The fact that the major sticking point is fisheries tells you all you need to know about where the priorities of this government lay.
  13. It sounds like you have a bit of a chip on your shoulder. I am not surprised you aren't doing as well in your career as you might want to be doing.
  14. If you are budgeting for £8k a year over 5 years, it sounds like you have about £40k savings. That doesn't sound like anywhere near enough to me. If you have low expenses and are forced to economise, I am sure you could survive, but I am not sure what all that scrimping would do to help your mental state. Another thing, if you quit working for five years, there's a high chance you will never work again, especially as a software engineer. I know you say you will keep current, but I don't see that making a difference. If you apply for any role after 5 years off, your CV is likely going to
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