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  1. No chance. Shareholders in Intu will be wiped out and those who provided the debt to Intu will take haircuts.
  2. We are in an economic recession, it's inevitable that lots of fluffy jobs with little value add are going to have to go. I was talking to a former colleague of mine who lost her job as head of diversity or something such at a large multinational. She's hoping to get a similar position but has been finding the going tough. I just winced internally, not sure if it's because head of diversity is a real job title, or the fact that this person thinks another similar job would fall into her lap.
  3. I work for a reasonably successful company that hasn't been too impacted by covid, but even we have started cutting. All contractors in the firm have, or will soon be let go from their current roles over the next month. The internship program has been completely scrapped. The graduate program has been cut from 30 people to 8 for September's intake of graduates. Other than two key positions that have to be filled because of people leaving, there are no open roles - before all this crisis, we were hiring about 4-5 people a month. Everyone has enough work for now, but we have been warned that if things don't pick up over the next three months (they won't) then they are going to have to look at furloughing or cutting pay. The news in adjacent firms is worse. Lots of furloughed people, lots of people on the bench, even a few redundancies. It's clear once the government wage support scheme is curbed, we are going to see a huge spike in redundancies. We're just in the opening innings of this mess.
  4. SARS caused a 1% hit to Chinese GDP. Corona has already exceed SARS in terms of lethality. Surely anything with an exposure to China is going to get whacked in the next few months.
  5. Political anger? What political anger? We just gave the biggest house price inflators a fat majority to keep the whole show on the road.
  6. Of course the communist party will try to put a gloss on the situation, it's core to their dna. The reality of the situation is much worse than what we are hearing. The real death toll at the moment moment is likely more like 560+ than 56.
  7. I took out a 10 year fixed rate mortgage 2 years at 2.7% thinking I was onto something as rates would only be going up. Fast forward to today, you can now get a 10 year fixed rate for 2.2%. If we get further rates cuts, or a recession, where do we go?
  8. I don't understand why people get so upset about IHT. Less than 5% of people pay the tax, and if you are careful in your financial planning, you should be able to avoid it unless you're worth over a million. A much nastier tax that needs abolishing is stamp duty. It affects vastly more people and is essentially a tax on mobility, which is grossly unfair in a world where people move around more.
  9. This is very true. Certain concepts are doing very well, others are getting crushed. Image is everything and substance counts for little on the high street.
  10. My predictions, in no order. Pizza Express Debenhams Carpetright
  11. All the above proposed measures will only serve to keep house prices high.
  12. I am pretty sure it won't have any effect whatsoever. As an American living in the UK for nearly 10 years now, I will never understand the worship of the royal family in this country. I would have thought with the decline of the Christian church in Britain, that the popularity of the royal family would decline. If anything, I have seen the opposite - the royal family seem more popular than ever. I would say that the worship of the royals may even come close to that of the Christian god in this country.
  13. The problem here is that the fundamentalist Brexit brigade have hijacked an extremely ambivalent referendum for their own purpose. These extremists have some how managed to claim a disproportionate influence upon the public discourse.
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