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  1. I have been doing some analysis and noticed that in Aberdeen some homes in the popular Cults area that are on the market today have an asking price similar to what was paid 15 years back(2006/2007). So essentially after 15 years there has been no growth on the property price. This is looks quite bad. Is the market getting any better or still going down? Any thoughts?
  2. in real terms, but this is what a few of them think. I agree to some extent provided there is no new scheme introduced by the government to prop up the price again.
  3. A lot of folks I have been speaking to expect the prices to fall over the next 5 years. The question is by how much? Can we expect a 15% fall in prices over the next 5 years?
  4. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2022/feb/23/londons-smallest-microflat-sells-for-80-above-asking-price This is crazy...
  5. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/109654442#/?channel=RES_BUY
  6. in Wokingham area - EA are increasing the prices on the properties by 50K. I see a few houses in Wokingham area where the prices have been increased recently.
  7. Lot of people still think property prices will continue to grow 10 to 20% from here on every year. With interest rates rising and the cost of living going crazy.. brace for a massive pain in future...
  8. Agree... overpriced by 600K - 450 to 500K max
  9. This house has gone under offer in 10 days https://www.aspc.co.uk/search/property/405103/24-Cairnlee-Avenue-East/Aberdeen/ Signs market is improving?
  10. I have been calling couple of friends who are based in Aberdeen to get some local information and one of them mentioned that prices are rising in Cults area. One of our friends bought a house in 2019 in Cults for 445K and they said it is now worth 500K. Is that possible? I don't believe there would be any growth especially in Aberdeen market but they seems to believe that prices have gone up over the last two years in Cults because of excellent school and Academy
  11. We are considering to buy a home in Aberdeen. I believe prices have been falling for a few years now. Can it get any worse or has it bottomed? We are looking at houses near Cults. Since oil prices are steadily climbing up I am hoping that the prices wont fall any drastically from here on. Any thoughts?
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