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  1. There used to be a very good alternative to hpc called *********************.co.uk - it was set up by a former member who was fed up when FUBAR took over this site. Most of the decent posters migrated to it but unfortunately it no longer exists. Other dissatisfied members went over to GreenEnergyInvestors. Wow! FUBAR still censor its URL (which was basically the same as this one but with 'global' in front of it).
  2. I wonder if any money from the sales did go back into social housing - that's what should have happened.
  3. My parents used RTB in the 80's and still live in the same house along with many other families around them. There has been one instance of a more recent tennant using RTB for BTL - legally because the timescales are way too short. You should only be allowed the RTB after a substantial number of years at the property and then there should be a 15 year sale/rent clause after that.
  4. Then would it not be common sense to state that we are committed to a reciprocal arrangement and leave it at that until negotiations start. Edit: It would be shabby to do anything over than that and very shabby to do something that would jeopardise the lives of 1.5m UK citizens.
  5. Get this into your head, 'Ordinary' people are the broad spectrum of society. You constantly talk about binmen, milkmen, etc.. you get pulled up on it and you harp on even more about wanting only a small group of people controlling the populace. I prefer critical diversity.
  6. Then should we not do everything in the correct order - trigger A50 and then start discussing all elements of seperation (including citizens rights). That is the process that the EU is following and so should we.
  7. As I said earlier, trigger A50 with this unnecessary amendment and let the UK citizens in the EU know that it is the decision of the Lords and their supporters. As for delay, one week! Once triggered we would have been discussing such matters, no more uncertainty. What do we have now, more uncertainty and delay! And your assumption about how I feel about the EU - maybe it is more about my concerns for friends who are working overseas.
  8. If it got to such a level of shenanigans (there is no other word for it) then hopefully Europe would chuck us out of the 'club'.
  9. And that would have happened if it was reciprocal - but as you stated, Europe can not discuss such things until A50 is triggered - so why should we? It is called common sense.
  10. What is wrong with us not addressing the issue until A50 is triggered? Why the obsession with giving up any chance of our citizens getting fair treatment? I stand by my comment - the HOL are shafting UK citizens in the EU.
  11. Face facts, they are saying A50 can now be triggered with the rights of EU citizens in the UK guaranteed - what about the rights of UK citizens in the EU? They will be shafted.
  12. Wow, love the second from last para. So, I pick you up on a rather naff comment about how 'non-lords' folk are plebs and you fire off a bit of a decent response but then revert to mean at the end - yawn.
  13. Take the above and the comment you were replying to. You mask it with Sir Fred of the Dustcart Depot, but basically you are saying people from outside the political system.
  14. Unless you are part of the political system you are incapable of understanding complicated things - sounds like something a fool would say.
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