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  1. this is the kind of disingenuous misinformation (I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt that you're not an outright liar) that shows yet again the brexit campaign was driven by liars like St Nigel of Farage As for beating on the eu for the catalonia issue - if the eu keeping it's nose out of a country's domestic affairs doesn't demonstrate it's respecting of a member state's sovereignity I don't know what else to say. Never mind the expansionist agenda of 'poor little' catalonia
  2. Indeed TPP has reared it ugly head again today as they've had to wheel out Liam fox for a bit of Ra-Ra-Ra for the Brexit faithful
  3. fckall mention of a points-based migration system on the ref form Naughty Nigel the Liar
  4. Laughable. The entire post that is You're not canadian but would like to see the country split You take your political lead from facebook Every problem is down to sjws You'd like to greatly curtail emigration. You're in the wrong country - Try North Korea Wyou do realise we're in the 21st century?
  5. Yep cashing in and buying more for less further out - deflating prices in the capital and inflating prices outside of it
  6. Be nice to them and get into their will. They'll be dead soon. That's the best I can say about these people.
  7. The world is awash with money looking for a return - hence bubbles everywhere. The fact bitcoin is currently worth what it's worth demonstrates this. Say what you like but at least houses have utility. It'll all unwind
  8. Vagrancy laws. We've had them since the Napoleonic wars. Just need to be enforced. By us. But keep blaming the EU. I'm truly disappointed with you debtM. I rationalized away your hatred of all things EU because you had dealings in a professional capacity with a mental Italian who caused you all manner of sh1t, but you're just coming across as a swivel-eyed loon now Yes I know. The black death did come over from Europe; but it's not the fault of the EU - unless you believe every word from the lips of St Nigel of Farage.
  9. This is how this court ruling was been spun by Farage the Liar et al - that we can't deport homeless eu'ers so we have to house them - it's nonsense and I'm surprised at you Debtm all the court is saying is that being homeless is not according to the law (that's all courts do, apply the law) a valid method to decide to deport back to the EU. it's a form of ultra vires Should the governement want to deport eu nationals who cannot support themselves, they need to apply the residency rules that are available in place. Much like in belgium. The question needs to be asked " If you intend to work or remain in Belgium Britain for more than 3 months you must apply to the local communal authorities for a residence permit." At this point, a residence permit will not be issued with no fixed abode and off back to foreignland they go. All the court has decided is it's not permissable is to round up homeless people, ask them their nationality and ship them out if they're eu'ers. The court has never said we must house them if homeless To take the ruling and extrapolating that homeless people cannot be deported and furthermore must be housed is adding 2+2 and getting banana. The key phrase in the article (which i presume is taken from the ruling) is: The court ruled that the Home Office’s position was contrary to EU law. It also found the policy was discriminatory and amounted to an unlawful systematic verification of the EEA nationals’ rights to reside. It's discriminatory as an eu has right to reside in this country, but is sent back because he is from the eu and homeless, whereas an american or australian with right to reside in the UK who is also homeless would not be deported anywhere The unlawful systematic verification is the ultra vires part that I mentioned earlier But i guess haters gotta hate - keep lapping up those Farage porkies
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