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  1. right, which one of you went to Ohio? http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/gold-lunar-module-stolen-from-neil-armstrong-museum-in-ohio/ar-AAp1f9l
  2. wherebee

    Australia Faces Its Demons

    oh yeah, there will deffo be a bail out of some sort - what I mean is intense panic as one of them at least is bankrupt on paper and the fallout from that in terms of mass layouts of highly paid twats...
  3. wherebee

    Australia Faces Its Demons

    So - I have a house in Melbourne. My financial plans are built on it dropping 30% in value in the next 5 years. They are also based on at least one of the aussie banks going down in the crisis.
  4. wherebee

    Donald Trump

    The way you do it is to have an investigation into the departmental advice she was given, with the driver was she badly advised on a matter of national security. Then if it turns up evidence that either she was i) advised not to do it and ignored the advice and ii) there was some other shady deal, you prosecute. Simples.
  5. wherebee

    Donald Trump

    Who would have thought that a system of government where power was granted on the basis of decisions by uneducated individuals with conflicting interests to the long term benefit of the country, represented by people who can be legally corrupted by special interests, would not work well. I'm shocked, I tell you.
  6. OOh I am there in Auckland in a short while. I'll report back on local sentiment.
  7. wherebee

    Newsnight tonight

    Also all the countries they name as restricting buying from overseas were nice, white, western countries. They could have chosen China, HK, and Singapore - much more effective controls.
  8. wherebee

    SJW meltdown

    Rabbits must be rubbish at holding the bow, though?
  9. "poor ******er, a debt slave for life' should have been your response
  10. wherebee

    Our lovely landlord

    I've said on this forum before that one of the reasons I despise the 'right on', Live aid, immigrant cheering, transgender loving, global warming mob is that almost without exception when I have met a REAL **** in business or personal life linked to a financial issue, they have turned out to be one of that mob. Reminds me of catholic bishops overseeing a starving flock whilst they eat like kings, solid in the knowledge that they are doing 'gods work'
  11. I had this in a flat in Hong Kong. Beauty was the new owner/landlord had not checked the tenancy agreement that I had altered with the old landlord so I had an early break clause at no cost to me. Was part of the negotiations for me taking on an initial 2 year term. I was well narked that the flat was sold with no notice to me of the change until the new landlord demanded an inspection. In HK your landlord can make a huge difference to your life. So - new owner buys the flat. Comes round to inspect. I take great joy in handing in my 30 days notice, 6 months ahead of the 2 year tenancy end. He waves the tenancy agreement in my face and gets his translator to tell me it runs for another six months. I show the translator the early break clause. Cue meltdown and shouting screaming at the estate agent LOLOLOL. Expat Flats at that price range often spend 2-6 months void. And the flat was priced at about 2.5million GDP. That's a lot of mortgage payments.
  12. I have also, when talking to Ameircan friends, heard security concerns as a driver for not going to the mall. Seriously. There was a gang fight in an upscale mall in Long Island a few months ago and I know some people who live near it - they were talking as if the barbarian hordes had entered Rome, and they were not going back to risk a repeat.
  13. wherebee

    Are The Shires Crashing ?

    OK, some of you will recall that I am watching a specific patch of SE england, coastal region. I have known it for 30 years since before leaving the UK. There are 20 flats in a block. I have never seen more than one on the market at any one time. They have always sold. As of yesterday, 5 are on the market. 3 are reduced from original prices by 20-40k already. It is a material shift from the last 15 years.
  14. wherebee

    Australia Faces Its Demons

    Chinese buyers plus lax lending standards. That's it. If you stopped Chinese money into Auckland, it would crash. Gvt will deny it - to which my answer is - OK then, stop it and prove it.
  15. I often think that if I was a normal earner needing a property in the UK and had no morals, I'd do one of those teaser rates, deposit paid 100% deals, and hide all my assets in gold/other stuff, and just move in and pay the mortgage until the teaser rate ended and then go bankrupt. Why don;t more people do this? When the game is stacked against the common man so badly, breaking the board is the only logical move.

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