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  1. Well I work at the Passport Office and can personally tell you that they are closing 3 Offices (out of 7). Demand has literally fallen off of a cliff as of about June last year.
  2. should have known that the fed will cut with all the NYSE whinging. The real question is, "How much futher will they cut?"
  3. Agreed, but then again I would be if I had a breathing pattern that matched a terraborne goldfish. Not so sure of the Jeffrey Archer bit tho .....
  4. Actually 20% of 30p is 6p. so it would be 36p! That might cause a HPC
  5. Actually this is fudged. Prices December 2005 = £42.00 October 2006 = £66.00 Inflation (adjusted to make up for the missing two months) a whopping 69% Per year
  6. why has my thread been deleted!!! :angry: [ Moderator: Which one, there is no record of a thread started by you being deleted ]
  7. Fair point. Maybe they could of sent a PM or started a thread. Thanks for the answer magpie. Stop bleeting. I never called WAL worthless.
  8. If that response is for me, when did i call you worthless? Thanks
  9. So why does WAL on **** have imshakersbaby. Bit camp isnt it if WAL is a man. For information i never stated that WAL was a man. I state that WAL is a girl and you are a guy. Unless your gay?
  10. Yes well smart ass, the human body is naturally more acidic. And your point is. Maybe they went to get away from pointless posts like yours. Whatever
  11. And when you gave me those links i said, "fair point". This thread isnt about WAL ffs. Wtf dude, are you banging her or summat. Get over it. My pojnt is why the hell did alot of the best members go over to a different website and started to get all bitter about it. for example... http://************/ HPC the sinking ship. How bitter man
  12. WAL was (is) a poster on HPC. She defected to another site called *********************. However much shakerbaby tries to bait me into making out i am slagging her off im not.
  13. Fair point. Anyway, this thread is not a dig at WAL ffs, its a question as to why all the people who contributed to this site defected to ****. I read the threads, ...about not liking the ad's. Tough $hit. Big website needed funding. ...about threads being moved. Yeah, to get a sense of organisation. ...about WM selling us out?? WTF is that about? He started a website for us guys to read and talk about and decided it was economically viable and worthwhile to sell it. So, if you started a business that people enjoyed and someone made a good offer would you sell. Maybe you would maybe not. The point is, what is the point in going over to a copycat website whose only members are the ones who defected from here on a note of bitterness. PS. I wasnt digging at WAL. Just saying she never chatted about the HPC subject....much.
  14. No, i wasnt digging really at WAL. She never says anything on the HPC subject though. That what i meant. She may be a very nice person. I didnt mind reading her posts, although they were never aboput a HPC
  15. Why have all the old members gone to ****. People like WAL, never anything worth while to say. People like TTRTR. Always entertaining?? Why are they all slgging off the adverts still, even though most are gone. Oh yeah i know, they need a life. How childish, they dont like the rules or the ad's so they leave and start posting on a website that looks graphicaly like an 80's reject. Long live HPC.
  16. Agreed, this might possibly be the start of a "real" bear market. Having lost 12% since may it seems that 20-30% peak to trough is very likely, what with Ir heading up faster than people 1st realised. See my thread that made FT front page
  17. http://www.ft.com/cms/s/9d97a0d6-0549-11db...00779e2340.html Central banks will have to move faster to raise interest rates because global inflationary pressures are rising and the economy remains vulnerable to a “bang” of market turbulence, the Bank for International Settlements warned on Monday. “It would be imprudent to count on the happy combination of strong growth and low inflation lasting indefinitely. At some point, central banks may well have to act more forcefully on policy rates than they have needed to do in the past few years”. It urged members to continue to tighten policy for now. “The current phase of monetary tightening seems clearly justified,” Too little too late possibly. This btw was on the front cover of FT newspaper!! Higher and higher IR's we thinks
  18. We are a hydrocarbon society. Everthing is oil based. Fuel, transport, food packaging, plastic. What is oil priced in????? Oh yeah, $$$$$$$$$$$. with a high $$$$$ we import inflation, when inflation increases, we put IR's up.
  19. It seems that those of us (including me) who thought that WB was collecting a war chest to buy when stocks/equities are low were wrong. Man that alot of cash
  20. Rightmove uses original asking prices. Home uses final asking prices. rightmove : So when that turd of a babyboomer decides to sell his/her portfolio they think i know £400k for 3bed ex L/A semi. home : when in reality they finally reduce to £250k (after 18 months and 6 EA's)
  21. Thanks moderator. My name, dear sir does not mean what most people on here think. I am not requesting that we tear down the BBC. Maybe as we are possibly 2 generations apart (i'm 21) you dont understand what Down with the BBC really means. It means I am "cool" (god i hate that word) with the BBC. It was an oxymoron. Yes i hate them but it was a play on words. Satirical if you like. "Hey mate i'm down with that." for example. Besides when JT says it is totally inexusable.I await an apology.
  22. Spot on. As a public sector worker i have noticed that pattern. I have worked there for 2 years now (only 21) and have receievd 1 promotion. Management knowing that i do nearly double the set workload daily (i know how sad, but my mum always says...fair days work for a fiar days pay) yet a colleuge of mine who does absolutly F**k all, and so far this rolling year has had 64 days off sick got a management position.
  23. Well, F**k a duck. Thats what we have been saying for years. Seems like there is a HPC - Media time lag of 2-3 years.
  24. The death of anyone is not Fantastic news you sick c***! If this is your standard and the quality (lack of) then moderators. Ban this pig! [Moderator: jonathan trees is now permanently banned from the forums]
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