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  1. But narco is not performing stunts, he is in fact correct asserting the very obvious fact that you are a very silly person.
  2. Does anyone know what the figures are for the past 6 months? what percentage have prices fallen accrding to hometrack over the past 6 months?
  3. Somebody fire this guy. We need young, dynamic, on the ball, finger on the pulse blood modertaing this forum, not watered down, washed out has beens (I mean never-were's). Somebody please realise on HPC, old moderators/ex modertaors only have one view, a stubborn, stuck in their ways, unsympathetic, selfish, smug, old skool view. A mixture of young and not too old moderators is what is necessary here.
  4. This is bias and comradary to the n'th degree for all to see. I am personally insulted by Charile the TRAMP and i respond with an insult. there is no mention of how TRAMP insulted my honour (without provocation) suggesting i was a pauper that was more than likely paid below minimal wage (if at all) advertising via sandwich boards in oxford street which is well known as a demeening occupation. NO, because CTT was insulted, i'm the bad guy, please prey tell what exactly did i say to provoke TRAMP to attack me so in the first instance? EDIT: Believe me, If TRAMP made his insult to me face to face, a slap in the chops would be the last of his worries. BTW I do not agree with violence.
  5. Your wife pays me very well for advertising her services. Moron.
  6. Seconded, GEI is emerging as a far superior site for discussing a broader range of unmodified economic issues at the macro and micro level. this site is specifially for house prices. end of. Leave the gold threads to the moderators discretion, GEI has taken the baton.
  7. OMG!!! According to that graph gold is only just approaching the media attention stage. I'm going out to get some.
  8. A spammer is one who posts often, i don't. do you not agree M4 is telling us deflation is on its way then?
  9. Ask the Gold Haters to reply to this, don't you know it's DEFLATION, ROFLMAO!!
  10. dumb dumb dumb anybody understand what monetisng debt is or liquidating securitization? fed buys bad debts off banks at lower than market rate but more than anyone else would pay, can't say here have it back so monetises that debt - instant inflation.
  11. Don't be so stupid, remeber we had to learn how to build ships before columbus discovered the earth was not flat. Alchemy is not gonna happen in our lifetime and by then no-one knows what means of exchange will be used.
  12. I like dumb people like you, they help me. Cisco, if you actually took time to study their price action, did actually go through a major bear trap before they hit levels that were far beyond even the most bullish of expectations. This was THE bear trap of the dot com bubble. Of course evetually shares in most dot com companys collapsed due to fundamentally flawed pricing but you cant blame dumb people for thinking it was another bear trap. Gold is not fundamentally flawed, it is fundamentally getting stronger. Gold is not and has never been in a bubble, it is a benchmark, a barometer, a thermometer (simply tells you the temperature of fiat currencies )it is the U.S. dollar and most other fiat currencies that are losing value.. Ever thought or considered using the few brain cells you have, this is just another volatile correction in golds story, maybe like one of the last 3 since 2000, maybe even a bear trap. Gold is stable. To prove my point, measure any rising commodity like oil or wheat in gold and you will notice their price is stable compared to the one true currency. Demand has not increased significantlty, the currency is just worth less, thus the goods cost more. This will continue to happen. Nuff Said. EDIT: EEERRRMMM what is this thread doing in the main forum? I object it has nothing to do with house prices, it should be demoted to the ever, never popular metals forum . . or is it because this is an anti gold thread it happens to linger on the main forum? Modertaors should be consistent, this thread has had its time in the main forum, demote it to the nether regions of this site, why are we talking about gold on the main forum - it gives newies the wrong impression !LOL!, let's keep spinning the same subjects like, 'are house prices going up?', 'are house prices going down?' how rivetting LOL.
  13. I have bookmarked this specific post. Gold is at 916, Silver is at 17.40 I am buying. I will refer back to this thread in due course. Maybe some idiots on here need to see hard figures and facts and understand the dynamics of markets or understand the term secular, maybe look around them and understand the forces and actions of govenments/banks and their wish to save themselves, their currencies, their lifestyles, their preservation at the expense of their own people. Maybe once in a while they need to pick up a media report or two that isn't meant for apathetic spoon fed morons. I am not going to bother explaining to what's left on this site right now why I am buying gold or will continue to at any sign of any correction, the reason to explain myself died with the most popular thread on here and it's most prolific postsers. I will be back..
  14. if you are feeling schadenfreude on a slight correction you must be very simple. You would surely have ejaculated several times if you were to witness the pullback in May 2006.
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