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  1. Merv knows his position is secure for the next 4 years and Gordo and Darling will be he gone in 7 months, why not tell a few home truths. Go Merv
  2. Goldbug predicted gold would fly today as big banks who shorted it have to close positions today. $1008 up $14 looks like he was right
  3. how can the US have deflation when their currency is collapsing with still further to go? ditto UK desperate efforts to prop up the $ and bring down gold, but they can no longer compete with the unstoppable forces of China, India and Russia
  4. Unless you gold bears believe that there will be a magical recovery in the $ then Au will continue to rise along with silver/oil. And when you take into consideration the endless money printing by helicopter Ben any recovery in the $ is an impossibility. Just take a look at the US$ index pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaasssssseeeeeeeeee
  5. £/euro 1.10 £/$ 1.62 reality has dawned in the FX markets, even though the $ is collapsing against the Euro and most other currencies but according to the BoE and GB deflation is still a big risk, oh please
  6. the $ is collapsing, inflation is not falling back as much as anticipated and will soon rise in US and UK, China encouraging there people to buy gold/silver maybe it will pull back temporarily but 1200/1300 is where its going before year end
  7. This is a mess The run on the £ has begun (1.11euro) and its only going to get worse , further stoking inflation. Expect failed bond auctions begging to the IMF and big rises in IR's. Labour really have gone and done it this time.
  8. Agreed I have noticed prices rise in many basic items in the last few weeks, bread/milk/crisps generally 3-5%. CPI is not going to stay low for long as soon last years high oil price drops out of the mix 3%+ here we come. Oil price started to drop last Sept/Oct and by Nov it was $65, BoE are going to be in a pickle in 2/3 months time
  9. from Moneyweek email today re China's shift to precious metals The government is telling its people to buy gold. What’s more, every bank will sell gold and silver bullion bars in four different sizes to individuals, and China’s largest bank, the ICBC, is setting up a precious metals department to handle growing investor demand.
  10. Looks like the world has eventually realised that the USA is finished (along with the UK) Gold $1010 Silver $16.80 $index 76.6 The shift away from the $ has begun, expect huge gains in $ denominated commodities/precious metals The Fed must be doing cart wheels right now trying to suppress gold and silver
  11. I have some friends who work in estate agents in a posh part of London, who tell me that Aug was surprisingly busy but now they are totally dead. wonder if anyone else has heard this?
  12. After all these years I am still at a loss to understand why house price indexes produced by banks and building societies are given the time of day. VI's the lot of them
  13. £/$ now 1.625 and againt the Euro 113.9 Is this the start of a massive run, have the currency markets woken up to the true state of the UK's finances?
  14. When the £ and the $ collapse against most major currencies you will soon see the effect on interest rates. We are heading to situation where no one will want to buy our debt and hence rates will have to rise, dramatically. As we've seen today borrowing this year of £175Bn is way off the mark and the 'experts' are already expecting another 20 on top and that's just for starters.
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