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  1. I am going to report it, but going to wait a while, otherwise my mate could end up with headaches from this guy.
  2. A mate of mine wants to swap his social home, was interested in this other place in west London, he phones up the social tenant and starts to talk with him, the guy at the other end says" which home you wanting I have two" i was shocked when I heard it it really pissed me off, on top of that the guy was'nt English. Now how does someone get two social homes to swap?
  3. rubbish, these are the rate below 70% of the rooms for rent are above £136 per week or £589 a month London and 100% of the one bedroom flats cost more than £260 per week. You believe what the media tell you, if you do some research you'll see the whole HBA thing is a damn lie. Shared Accommodation Rate: £136.52 per week One Bedroom Rate: £260.64 per week Two Bedrooms Rate: £302.33 per week Three Bedrooms Rate: £354.46 per week go here tap in the area then go to rightmove gumtree etc. and remember to read the as some are rooms/ studios for rent under the heading 1 bed flat. Then come back and tell me how many you have found. https://lha-direct.voa.gov.uk/SearchResults.aspx?LocalAuthorityId=15&LHACategory=999&Month=11&Year=2016&SearchPageParameters=true
  4. As I have been telling people for years HB has no effect on private rents, since 2008 the rate of growth for housing benefit has been lower than the rate of growth of private rents. I laugh when people say HB has an effect on rents it does not, proof they have been changing it for years and still the rent go up at a far higher speed then HB allowance.
  5. Fundamentally, I'm against state interventions," he told the newspaper, but added that in this case a government stake would be "a signal that could turn the whole market". Haha is not that the case always.only one just like a smoker.
  6. it is getting intresting could this be the catalyst for less integration in the EU.
  7. Most likely a deal set up between the US and Germans, if this goes through.
  8. Just wondering when it going tits up, and how Italian government would feel if the Germany state bails them out this week or allows them to go to the wall.
  9. Simple access A&E with your national insurance card make them have photos, that will cut a lot of time and money.
  10. Get ready for the money to be diverted into property and shares causing a great massive bubble.
  11. Introduce Land Tax or similar reform so super rich can't avoid Inheritance Tax pass the link around. https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/165011
  12. there are more flats empty 10 mins away, these are central London flats crazy.
  13. it had 2 quarters of slumps thats six months before the vote and there could be some lagging effect making it even longer.
  14. so many empty council flats in my area the following link using google maps shows you the amount of homes in my area. https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@51.4701558,-0.185224,3a,75y,57.7h,75.03t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1su5rQTgBqW2DNysUVPLoHAA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 and there is more empty buildings each one housing 90 flats in other parts of my area owned by the council, i've count around 1000 empty homes that I have seen so far in my area, just wondering how many more exist.
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