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  1. I am still living at home with family at the grand old age of 37. I have made some poor choices in my life. Anyway i lost my job last year and at the same time a flat i was buying all fell through. So i was looking to rent a one bed flat in chingford, east london and they start between £900-£1100 a month. Are they kidding me? I am on my own, so one wage. To rent a room is £650 a month. It all so wrong.
  2. No you are wrong. they are called 'studios' - the one bed flats have bigger bedrooms. I am an expert about that estate. so in just under 2 years - the flat that was on for 135k has jumped to offers of 220k for a studio. Amazing.
  3. eat ya words! one studio just came on the market for offers in region of £220k WOW! http://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/36955750?search_identifier=c0a30a8f03f9bd8f0633e766a8371271#YipdaThUMqDx0A0M.97
  4. I aswell as the rest of us, have so been been screwed over. I am 37 and still at home with my parents. I was meant to have bought a flat last year. So glad it fell through as i lost my job a month later. Was working in london on 28k. What the funk can you buy on 28k and not having a partner to buy with? So at home. My parents at 37 had a small three bed terrace with three toilets! Past ten years the 99% of us have been on a downward slide. Only gonna get worse. 40,000 people in 2008 used foodbanks. 1 million people in 2014 used foodbanks. Nhs will be gone soon. I wonder if IDS will really set up work camps for us plebs. Glad i havent got children. I got severe depression at the moment, so rothchilds, jp morgan and the global elites that run the world, do ya worse. I dont give a funk.
  5. i have to laugh at this - one of these flats they had trouble selling when it was on for £115 two years ago. now they want £199k (just dropped to £195)k for one in Enfield lock - and they are TINY: http://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/36010707?search_identifier=7e4f78928ca9f179f387f9925215f7f1#IFVK59WR7b9qkHfy.97 the vendor obviously ignored the flat in the same row that has been on for £162k since last november: http://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/36010707?search_identifier=7e4f78928ca9f179f387f9925215f7f1#IFVK59WR7b9qkHfy.97 Good luck with that - to the vendor: Let me know how ya get on with that one...
  6. I want london to tank or at least take 20% of the prices. Being 37 and still at home with a deposit for a place but cant afford the prices as i am rubbish money aint no fun.
  7. What is the less of two evils: santander or barclays to put ya money into.
  8. Full of eastern europeans. Got like that since 2003. But the past year or so you can hear the occasional english voice so the tide is turning and tottenham is going up.
  9. No it not a joke. I am a single person, aged 37, and i am worried that time is running out for me to be given a mortgage. I need some advice... Badly!
  10. I want to buy in london this year. Not central london but north east somewhere like chingford/tottenham/enfield or maybe even brighton if london prices are too high. Anyway is best to try and buy before or after the election?
  11. is it me or does the house price drops and the potential crash of 2015 seem to be gathering pace now?
  12. if london doesnt come down enough - to prices pre summer of 2013 i may have to move right out and commute in. Brighton seems to have price reductions at the moment.
  13. is Brighton coming down in price now too? there seem to be a few reductions on there now - flats are not as expensive as london.
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