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  1. where in Tott Hale was the house you bid on B & S?
  2. @ bARBAROSSA what part of Leytonstone are you based at? @ Bubble and Squeak what is a middle class Bomad?
  3. hi guys, thanks for the input, i agree the crime map looks bad, but the Stoke Newington map looks bad also and the house prices cost 3 times as much. @ tpsman , any other areas you would suggest? my thinking was people who are priced out of Stoke Newington and Croch End etc.. would move to Tottenham.
  4. Hello Everyone, I have been a long time lurker and would like peoples opinions on my current plan. My wife and I have been renting in Stoke Newington for over 3 years @ 1350 per month for a 1 bed flat which is literally falling apart. We plan selling our house in Manchester which we currently rent out t enable us to buy a house in Tottenham we will free up 65k from the sale in Manchester (chorlton). We have saved another 40k and want a house and Tottenham is close to Stoke Newington and affordable. Its also inbetween both our work places. The hope being that when we return to the North Wes
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