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  1. This thread is mostly impossible - but FWIW I think Brexit might be good for the EU: it might make the EU focus on its problems (the Euro, for one).They wont need to worry about Britain and won't have the cushion of our net contributions.
  2. +100. Its the same with Brexit. The good people at hpc have created dedicated threads for Brexot and Bitcoin, please avoid each topic metastasizing from these. (Pretty please? :)) Wtc the thread, I would'nt advise friends/family but of I did I would probably have chosen the peak... I like Kuppys blog: https:/ /adventuresincapitalism.com/ His take on BTC (I have none) Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC – USA) +171% My Bitcoin exposure is through GBTC, though I’ve owned a few of the smaller-cap crypto names with surprisingly strong results this year. As I have noted many times,
  3. This is even more incomprehensible than the Bitcoin thread
  4. Or, "if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is". IIRC a Fraud Squad officer once said they were the only branch of law enforcement who could see the perps openly advertise their crimes in advance... (Ads fo "Beat the market, 20% tax-free guaranteed..")
  5. The gamblers fallacy exists because in the normal world events are not random. That is, if it is rainy it will eventually stop, and every day of rain makes the sun more likely. A roulette wheel is a precision instrument designed to be random (and the odds give an edge to the house, of course) Prof Schulls "Addiction by Design: Machine Gambling in Las Vegas" is informative and depressing in equal measure. Wrt HPI, the table is rigged, not random. Those gambling on a crash should have a line to the controllers
  6. <my emph> I think you should include the EU debt - Greece, Spain, Italy - on the German tab. Thats the Euro, after all....
  7. Is it time to close this thread now? (We could bring back "Anthea Turner loses BTL empire"?)
  8. My neighbours have finally exchanged (sold quickly on June, one buyer fell away, sold quickly again with lots of offers) but the process was slow and frustrating. They thought the quantity of sales is causing problems with the EAs/solicitors?
  9. Ross Clark comes galloping in (a bit late but welcome nonetheless): https://life.spectator.co.uk/articles/the-perils-of-shared-ownership/ I noted: "Moreover, I have a suspicion that shared ownership has contributed significantly to house price inflation – even if we can never know for sure. Would developers really be able to sell all these £400,000 one bedroom flats in pretty ordinary parts of London were it not for shared ownership? They certainly wouldn’t find enough owner-occupiers to pay those sums – without substantial capital, you would need an income of near £100,000 to b
  10. Even by British-housing-journalism standards, that link is priceless. Another gem: Jessica Smith is so desperate to move from her Merseyside flat that she will happily take a significant loss, but she has found it impossible to find a buyer. Miss Smith, 26, bought her flat for £115,000 in 2017. Because of rising house prices it should now be worth £135,000, but no banks will lend on it thanks to cladding issues. I'm sorry for poor Ms Smith and take no pleasure in her difficulty, but the <my emph> phrase is a classic,
  11. +1. I might go and work in Italy, but would be cautious before semi-buying a Euro 410k flat in a Milan suburb. (I noted the source was "Glamour UK" magazine. The lifestyle does'nt sound very glamourous to me
  12. ML there's a perfectly good - designated - thread ("brexit-what-happens-next-thread-multiple-merged-threads"), set up by the good people of HPC where you can post absurd anti-Brexit arguments and everyone can agree with them. Please can you leave the rest of HPC alone?
  13. Way back in the cloudy midst of time (or the start of this thread) I mentioned that I stuck £50 on the donald to win at 2/1 on betfair. On Wed 4th I cashed it out - Trump was then odds-on after Florida and before they found the postal votes. (Not because I thought Trump would lose but I couldnt handle waiting for the result.) BF paid me£50 and left me with £50 on account from either a Biden or Trump win.
  14. I still have £50 to come back from Betfair whoever wins. Will I ever be able to withdraw it?
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