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  1. As a change from moaning about Ireland... https://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2021/07/25/wine-lovers-save-130m-brexit-frees-imports-red-tape/ From Bloomberg https://finance.yahoo.com/news/u-k-scrap-post-brexit-165837854.html "The U.K. government said it will scrap a piece of planned red tape on wine imports. a move it said would save 10 pence ($0.14) on each bottle imported into Britain. From 2022, wine shipped to the U.K. from the EU, or about 55% of all wine consumed in Britain, was due to require a so-called VI-1 certificate, which requires laboratory analysis of the wine to prove it meets certain regulations. The wine and spirits industry had warned this paperwork would have pushed up prices. Yes! Tim Worstall's take https://www.expunct.com/business/brexit-brings-us-cheap-wine/ As Tim states, this is good news, but only a good start. Lots more EU bumf to scrap!
  2. The answer is "yes", of course Good (long) article on the current mess by one Danny Dorling, Professor of Geography at the University of Oxford. "So, while they may talk of wanting to make housing more affordable, they may also realise that doing so could be politically and personally disastrous for them and their children" https://ukandeu.ac.uk/long-read/house-prices-crash/?mc_cid=185a8242f2&mc_eid=f68fde8c47
  3. Agree. Just back in fact,: trains nearly empty (and you can easily avoid wearing a mask - self-exemption) National Gallery pleasantly quiet too. I look forward to being able to buy a beer at the bar tho.
  4. The Euro has been a catastrophe - and typically a manmade one. No-one knows how to fix it. My 2c? Either Germany/frugal countries agree to subsidise southern europe for ever, or Germany/frugal countries leave the Euro and allow then others to devalue.
  5. Why not say the cost of Brexit is £500trillion? You just make these figures up - Remember Project Fear predictions in 2016? 😀 Whereas EU country contributions are real money...
  6. Thx for the info. So the increase is to 2% - but only guarantee of a loan. (Germanys contribution will go up 42% - Merkels parting gift https://www.dw.com/en/germany-eu-coronavirus-budget-increase/a-53806800 ) Wrt the guarantee for the Covid loan, I can see there is no upfront cost. It will only be imposed if those who lent the Euro750Bn want their money back. >>> Will you guarantee a £1m loan for my next BTL purchase? after all, your not putting any real money in!
  7. Sorry - I may have missed your reference. (I find it hard keeping up with this thread) My ref was to the 2% GDP EU country contribution. Ours would be £40bn pa. When you think that furlough cost £66bn - we'd pay that every 18months forever
  8. Rejoin the EU and pay £40bn + per annum for the privilege? (Its like shooting fish in a barrel! )
  9. The headline was "'I've got £4 in the bank': Mum-of-six forced to sleep on sofa in crowded two-bed home" If you last till the end of the article you find: "A North Star spokesman said: “Due to Ms Mohammed recent change of circumstances, she has applied for a four bedroomed property. "Unfortunately, we do not have any houses, of a suitable size, in the areas where Ms Mohammed would like to live."
  10. More fantasy figures from the Remainers. Are you suggesting that UK GDP will fall by 4%? - of course not. That's project fear idiocy again - the figure is some projected fall from what it might have grown to. As all project fear figures, it's nonsense. But EU contribs are real money
  11. And Gap is closing stores all over Europe - not just Brexir Britain What would the UK contribution be to the EU when the increase to 2% of GDP is introduced? 2%od £2trillion I think - £40bn per annum. How smart we were to leave!
  12. I shouldn't take you seriously, I know... Irish corp tax rates must rise, EU contribs up to 2% GDP, Irish PM not consulted over Section 16/vaccines - and all you can find is: 'Customers of O2 have been told they will be billed £3.50 for every gigabyte (GB) of data used above a new limit of 25GB, from August." Over 25GB... Scarcely an imposition 😀
  13. Not sure if this has been mentioned: EU country contributions to rise from 1.4% of GDP to 2%. (A 42% rise!) How glad I am that we left. Never quite grasped why remainers felt we needed to endlessly fund the EU. If we were still in, the extra 0.6% of GDP would be nearly the entire foreign aid budget! https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/prepare-for-the-eu-s-hamilton-moment-
  14. [graph deleted] I agree this age-group stuff us hard to decipher. The hard-right-over50sBrexiteers were all 18-y-o revolutionaries in the 1960s?
  15. A straw in the wind... https://www.msn.com/en-xl/news/other/germany-calls-for-abolition-of-eu-foreign-policy-vetos/ar-AAKNvvG "The European Union cannot allow itself to be "held hostage" in its foreign policy by single nations exercising their veto rights, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said on Monday. His remarks are being widely seen as a rebuke directed at Hungary, which in recent months has blocked several foreign policy measures agreed on by almost all other member states". Its not our problem thank heavens as we are out: more proof that the EU is centralising and countries will be assimilated...
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