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  1. But my willy is bigger than yours... Any way isn't it all relative. For example if living costs are much lower in one country and wages too are lower but relative to living costs are higher then although a lower wage is paid the standard of living could be much higher and the people much wealthier.
  2. Quarterly release is out too. http://www.nationwide.co.uk/hpi/historical/Q1_2012.pdf London down -0.7% on the quarter.
  3. Hefty fall in approvals too 59k down to 49k
  4. Last month revised down from 0.6 to 0.4 to. A good day
  5. Although everyone on here abuses SA figures they are very important as without them all indicies would be totally meaningless rising and falling with the seasons and giving no perspective. Like rightmove. It does have to be done properly though. Loving the -1% Stamp duty holiday well and truly over. Let's hope the trend continues!
  6. Could even save us from recession if the next Q was -0.1%!
  7. Pretty much agree with this. Low interest rates are pushing cheap money into riskier assets and commodities like crude. Pushing up inflation. Just a shame they won't do it. http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/finance/andrewlilico/100015883/the-bank-of-england-should-raise-interest-rates-next-week/
  8. That's total ******** because each move is costing you substantially more, which either comes from a bigger mortgage or huge wage rises.Which was my original point.
  9. Ahh thanks. That's why the concept seems so strange to me. It's not been applicable since before I was born!!
  10. Obviously we all understand that but where does the concept come from?
  11. I've never understand how this magical "ladder" works. Unless you are a developer and buying a house doing work then selling at a profit and re investing. Say I buy a flat in the ghettos of Basildon for £100k live there a few years and prices rise 20% I sell for £120k but the next step which when I bought would have cost £150k now costs £180k. So that's another £60k I have to find to step up the "ladder" whereas if prices had stayed the same it would have cost me £50k to step up. So the ladder actually relies on you borrowing/earning/finding more money each time.
  12. Well all the nimby bastards, protect rural England and the like seem to be strongly opposed to it so it must be good!
  13. I'm full of pent up demand. Isn't there some sort of google trick to be able to read it?
  14. It was prime rentals on an annual basis. Never actually read the report just saw it on twitter. Here it is: http://pdf.euro.savills.co.uk/residential---other/market-in-minutes---lettings-q1-2012.pdf Still not looking great considering the Olympic effect that everyone is raving about.
  15. What mini boom? Rents in London are falling now. -5% in north London according to Savills last month.
  16. Oh dear oh dear. Looks the the FTB stamp duty mini boom has ended sooner than we thought.
  17. Last month revised down slightly from 1.1% to 1.0%
  18. Well looks like an in expected treat then. I'd be very very surprised of its not a positive figure.
  19. Maybe a typo on the website? I've never seen it this early in the month before.
  20. As much as id like to believe all these "market collapsing" stories from EAs I can't help but think they are all exaggerating to the extreme to get there VI message across.
  21. Have you got a link for that? I was reading a Barclays stockbroker investors magazine on my bosses desk this morning. It was doing some serious London property ramping and gave this as an example. "gottesman reportedly sold his home in kensington palace gardens for a record £115m, yet even at this sky high price the buyer seems to have the better end of the trade" it then goes on to say the buyer was Lakshmi Mittal. The mag was sent out this week so it seems they have convienently ignored the information which you posted. Found one http://www.thelondonmagazine.co.uk/Stories/Londons-most-expensive-street.html?PageNumber=2
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