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  1. well its been a very long time since I started this thread. I am now the proud owner of a house for me and my family. when I started saving with my wife we had a baby daughter she is now 6 and will be 7 in May and we have a little boy who is 4. In my opioion we got a crash just not the way we thought it would pan out. house prices are now cheaper than they were 7 years ago and rates have gone off a cliff. but looking at the market I cant see them coming down any time soon. I have noticed that supply has completley dried up there are only 653 houses for sale in the whole of Bournemouth, norm
  2. the hardest part of a long journey is the first step. when it cold dark and lonley and you wish you could be anywhere else but your boat. out here some us will be thinking of you, stay safe and have a great trip. you will always be a better person for going than not..
  3. Yeah we where hove to for 24hrs between Barcelona and Port Soller in Mallorca. Never been so scared in all my life. The boat got a reall kicking 15- 20 ft swell in the middle of the night, white roaring horses racing past the boat, then boom and the boat drops down the side of a cliff into the trench, boat rolls and up you pop up again. All the cuboards in the boat pop open. tins of food swilling around in a foot of sea water. all your beding completely soaked, Cant sleep, cant pee got all your wet weather gear on, cant eat. Spent 2 weeks in Soller too scared to go out. cloud formation very
  4. I've done it as well here is my proof did 2 years south of France, Corsica, Sardinia, Spain and balearic islands on a Contest 29. Did Biscay and Canal Du Midi on the way down, rhone ,soane, canals, Seine into Paris, Honfleur, home. Was talking to my misses about it, we reckon 2 days getting the $hit kicked out of you on a 22ft boat in the middle of a storm will either toughen you up or you will be straight back home sans boat. Good luck trip of a life time, not many people get the chance to take thier boat to Paris.
  5. the clue is in the disrciption An outstanding and unique investment opportunity. Significant discount to true value. Occupied by life tenant. No income. Significant capital gain opportunity.
  6. Well times have changed on this forum, I remeber back in the dy this thread would be at 6 - 7 pages long by now. Halifax will be out next week
  7. just out on forex http://www.forexfactory.com/calendar.php down 1% Have a nice day peeps
  8. The FSA estimates up to 8 per cent of households are subject to some form of mortgage forbearance. Click here for article
  9. For those that are not aware, but the lovely MSWHPC is a long time standing member of this comunity and IMHO a bit foxy. Hi Merryn
  10. Noticed today that RBS is down to 18 pence which is a 12 month low. So will they let it go to the wall or more tax payer money bail out Click here for link
  11. Dan can you check your links please
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