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  1. Ah the Daily Heil...let the panic commence. Just for laughs, after the crash let the ECB begin a massive QE programme just before a referendum. I'd love them to try and justify leaving then
  2. Gut feel is BTR works. Since they're building new properties, it doesn't put upwards pressure on existing houses (unless Gidiot throws them some tax fix). Spyguy is right, to make a sustainable return you want a target audience that has a regular income; effectively they need to price attract FTBs to give up home ownership - the best way to make the rents really affordable. They can then mark up with 'homeserve' type insurance to cover maintenance, insurance, and upgrades. The best thing. It puts downward pressure on rents and the remaining OO stock (since there would be fewer buyers)....BTL get shafted
  3. First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. Well I'm up for the fight. Greedy f*ckers.
  4. She can charge the Bank of England, for a start, for importing a new Governor. Whilst she's there, she can charge Parliament too for Non-Resident MPs
  5. This really irqs me, given the amount of help to combat discrimination. (For the record, I don't read the Daily Heil Mail). I wind up such ads with the help of some Polish or Asian friends who turn up with me. I then politely point out it is illegal and then them squirm as it gets translated
  6. Starting in 2017 and phased in over 4 years! FFS do they want some lube as they want to ass **** us?
  7. Tesco and Sainsbury both suffered because of massive property writedown. Tesco in particular wiped out 1B GBP (on US keyboard, so no bloody pound sign) with 6B GBP property write down! Aldi and Lidl stick to the basics, selling stuff. Jack Cohen would be proud.
  8. This is probably a result of my lack of inheritence (ahem), but why would intergenerational wealth be good? The cornerstone of any liberal democracy is the myth of being self made. That you can work, directly or via investment, to build up capital and subsequent wealth. The direct opposite of this is Feudalism, whereby wealth and power is handed down by birthright (whether or not this is done by divine right or by inheritance is semantics). Note I am not advocating stopping inheritance, but recognising getting Grandma's hard worked capital as a result of gentic luck. Nearly all established commercial civillisations have some sort of concept around death geld, where a proportion is given to the community or to the established state. That's enough pseduo intellectualism...I've found the Special Brew
  9. mt gox is the shortened name for 'Magic the Gathering Online Exchange'. It was a online fantasy world that was an early bitcoin adopter and then migrated to being an exchanged. It was constantly out of it's depth as the media tagged it as the primary bitcoin exchange. The site is down, so any funds both cash or bitcoin are in doubt. Any bitcoins held directly should be OK. What is interesting is whether the site went down due to run of the mill fraud, or if there is a flaw in bitcoin itself. Several 'theoretical' flaws have been seen in real life (originating from mt gox if I remember correctly), whereby coins can be 'spent' twice. FWIW, I think this is an attempt at the powers that be to shake confidence away from a medium they cannot control.
  10. The bizarre thing being the sell off would be unintentional. The stock market is bouyed with nervous money looking for larger returns. The banks are using free central bank money to prop up BTL IMHO. If the stock market tanks, this marks a buying opportunity for the banks, squeezing BTL. Rates rise as a result of the shortage and prices correct as people pull out of the hassle of BTL and for the better returns of the stock market. As wiser heads have stated, they can be irrational longer than I can be solvent:(
  11. Hello, Just came across this article that the NYSE has encountered the Hidenburg Omen. Is this a warnign sign?
  12. You can squeeze alot out of Burnley, mainly brown and sticky though. Elite property my ****!
  13. BBC News - Radical Options for UK Economy Kite flying ideas to remove the debt burden. I despair! Every option screws the prudent and creates moral hazard for the Banksters and the sheeple that were stupid enough to fall for it. [rant] What happened to the option of, crashing the market with those overexposed getting burnt. Provides a salutory lesson for the next spiv inspired idea from the Financial industry and provides a stark warning of those who think they can have thier cake at the expense of the screwing everyone else. [/rant] Time for a cuppa
  14. <rant> A more interesting question is to ask are the sales done via lump sum cash or via mortgages. I suspect it still is mortgates; BTL being a lesser risk than FTB's. Cash purchases, I suspect, are done by those looking to hold/invest a cash pile, so again see BTL as an option. The crash needs a money policy of high IRs and low money velocity to discourage this 'invest in brick' mentality. It needs a finance policy to stop the tax reliefs, ofsetting of debts to reduce the tax bill. A land tax would do nicely! For all those who think I have sh*t for brains, you are right, but it's more than the muppets in Downing and Threadneedle street. </rant over>
  15. If you think Starbucks is a reason to move, then may I suggest Yeading, Hillingdon, Greenford, or even Hayes!!
  16. Mentioned that consumption credit is taking money from tomorrow. "We have spent yesterday what we had today" (AFAIK). First time this has been mentioned in the mainstream for me. Is the tide turning?
  17. There is a distinction, given, but it is moot. If Capitalism is the application of Capital for productive gain, then what is the productive gain of randomly giving a pile of money to someone. Lotteries, in this sense, are a voluntary form of taxation and redistribution, a jazzed up form of premium bonds. Inheritences were created from productive work at some point in the past, but only last the proverbial 3 generations before being lost if not put to continued work. Rather than taking 3 generations, why not speed this up for non productive work?
  18. +1 There is a world of difference between Earned (through Work and Investment) and Unearned Wealth (through Inheritence, Resource Rent). What is earnt should be kept by the earner. Unearned work should be taxed stringently to prove each generation can make it in the world themselves. The idea that you can live the highlife because you are the great granchild of someone who made thier own fortune isn't capitalism; it's feudalism. Apply that rule to all the people who resist the need to reform capitalism and you find where the real power is. Socialism is dead, but the alternative is being strangled.
  19. It's called learning. You must use osmosis to sound intelligunt (sic). and yes, it's a dig at you.
  20. Oh yes Algorithim fun! Fifty Shades worth to make any rabbit rampant!. God I sound like a spam email
  21. Good some BTL'ers getting ready to be shafted by the finger of fate. mmm your tears...so sweet
  22. They shorted Dixons, which jumped up 10% when Comet went to the wall and is near its 52week high. Genius.
  23. I'm impressed. Over 21 pages for someone, who can be described as a moron. Mind you he did help found Private Eye, so perhaps he is being amazingly satirical?
  24. Sounds like a good way of building up a store of Tungsten! Anything more would be a bonus. Caveat Emptor
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